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Abaqus Adds SMS and IVR Based Mobile Time-Clocking to allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Service for Employers With Mobile Workforce

Palo Alto CA, July 24 2013

Abaqus Adds SMS and IVR Based Mobile Time-Clocking to allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Service for Employers With Mobile Workforce allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Mobile Timeclocking service turns any employee’s or contractor’s phone into a mobile management tool providing real-time team location, time & attendance, Hours-of-service and job status.


Abaqus, Inc., a provider of the first-of-a-kind allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) cloud-hosted location and messaging platform, has launched its new allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Mobile TimeClocking™ service that allows mobile workers and contractors to clock in and out of job sites for better payroll management and to improve workforce accountability and productivity. The service can use basic geo-tagged text messaging and IVR check calls to deliver time & attendance information and supports any phone on most US wireless carriers without any installed application, special phone, or changes to a company’s service plan.

“For years we’ve struggled with inefficient time tracking systems. allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) has provided us a consistent means to track labor hours by job for effective payroll services. The support team is extremely helpful, consistently providing support and tailoring their system to our specific needs.” Said a representative of Raider Painting Co. “allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) has made Raider’s hour reporting and payroll efficient and has helped us control labor costs. We are very happy with allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) and will continue to use their services”

“With allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Mobile TimeClocking, our customers can more accurately track their employees’ and contractors’ time and attendance on the job, and save hours of office time by not having to manually enter handwritten time sheets into their payroll system,” said Shailendra Jain, CEO of Abaqus. “The service can also send managers an alert when an employee logs in or out of a job site, or notes a job status change, boosting both accountability and productivity. Our customers typically report a 10-20% increase in productivity and a 5-10% reduction in operating costs after adopting the allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) service.”

allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Mobile Timeclocking features include:

  • Allows employees and contractors to log-in and log-out of job sites via geo-tagged text messaging and IVR phone calls
  • Provides set of text (SMS) commands for check-in/checkout, optin/optout, start / stop auto tracking, locate mobile resource on-demand etc.
  • Log job Status from mobile workforce
  • Generate daily activity and hours-of-service reports and import data into Quickbooks
  • Get text and email alerts for dispatchers to stay on top of employee job status
  • Individual & Group Broadcast Text Messaging

Hassle-free Mobile Team and Fleet Management

Unlike smartphone-based applications that require smartphones and client apps, the powerful allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) platform enables mobile workforce and fleet management solutions on any phone without needing apps or expensive data plan. The platform can find the location of any phone or wireless device by probing the cellular network for a general position using either Cell ID (located within the service area of a cell tower), or a precise location using GPS inside the device. allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) integrates this capability with fine grained privacy controls, geo-enabled rules engine, text messaging & IVR, and easy to use trip management wizard to enable rapid provisioning, deployment and delivery of solutions to end customers.

Highlights of the allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Platform include:

  • A 100% cloud-based platform which does not require special GPS devices or phones, expensive data plan or on-premise / on-device apps.
  • Enables fine-grained, comprehensive privacy controls
  • Supports any wireless device, regardless of mobile O/S
  • Location-enhanced Text Messaging and IVR capabilities for mobile time-clocking, real-time job status and enhanced dispatching
  • Enterprise messaging with flexible rules that support SMS broadcast campaigns, web-based dispatch and workflow communications
  • Complies with US Government location standards for freight contracts
  • Route management wizard, geo-enabled rules and rich reporting tools which can be exported to a company’s back office system
  • Rich web APIs which enable integration with Custom & Industry-standard back office systems
  • Month-to-month service with no long-term contract commitments

Visit www.allgeo.com for more information and to sign up for a free trial.

About Abaqus Inc

Abaq.us, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, carrier grade field service automation platform which helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees and assets, improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs. The allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) platform enables automation solutions across a wide range of industries, from mobile field force companies, trade services companies, emergency responders and healthcare providers, to 3PL, transportation and freight brokering companies seeking driver and load management solutions and USPS contract support -- without any impact on their devices, service plans, or cell phone costs. Visit https://www.allgeo.com for more information.


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