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Pick from a Suite of Pre-built Apps or Customize Your Solution using allGeo

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Pre-built Apps

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Pre-built Apps


Transform your Field Operations with Powerful Apps

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Field Service Visibility
GPS Tracking & Visualization

Monitor employee time and location in the field

time clock app
Field Service Time Clock
GPS Time & Attendance

Automate employee clock in/out using geofenced job-sites

EVV app
Field Service EVV
Geofence-based EVV

Track caregiver visits, time, location & mileage for compliance

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Field Service Safety
Customizable Lone Worker Safety Workflow

Monitor and ensure lone worker safety in the field

inspection icon
Field Service Inspection
Digital Forms & QR Based Inspection & Checklist

Collect any type of field data, Indoors or Outdoors using mobile smart forms

load app
Field Service Load
GPS Load Tracking & Visualization

Get real-time visibility into your loads & automatic status updates including ETA, mileage

mileage app
Field Service Mileage
GPS Mileage Tracking & Visualization

Track real-time employee location & mileage in the field

Field Service 'X'
Custom Workflow Creation & Integration

Build a custom workflow & integrate with your back-office


Custom Workflow

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