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Excellence in Field Service Automation over the Years

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About us

Abaqus is focused on helping field service organizations with advanced solutions to automate their operations and dramatically improve their efficiency, productivity, customer experience, and profitability.

Abaqus's allGeo is a full-blown automation platform with the ability to create custom field operations workflows for different industries. These workflows incorporate task scheduling, activity visualization, data collection, exception monitoring, messaging and analytics.

The data and events from these workflows can then plug into the overall corporate systems and processes via connectors and API. This roundtrip of data and events then allows for measurement against corporate KPIs and further optimization of field resources.

The platform interfaces with a wide variety of devices such as Android devices, iOS devices, and telematics devices. The Abaqus team brings executives from Philips Electronics, Qualcomm, Cisco, Intel, Cadence and Jitterbit with decades of experience in web, mobile, and cloud software industries.

Our View of the Field Service Industry

We believe that the advent of automation will disrupt the field service industry. Historically, when automation sweeps through an industry, the status quo is challenged. Companies that act on this change will survive and thrive while those who do not adapt are at risk. Over time, we have seen this scenario play out across many industries.

While adopting automation can be challenging and forces companies to change, it can deliver significant rewards. Field service workflow automation has the power to take businesses to a new level of competitiveness. Massive improvements in productivity, cost savings can completely change a company’s growth trajectory. Automation in field service workflow means automating repetitive field tasks, seamless integration between disparate software systems and flow of critical data to/from the field to help an organization react, learn and adapt their processes in real-time. The biggest benefit of automation is that it frees up companies to focus on their core business. We believe that companies that lead the way in field service automation will also lead their industry.

Our Mission

allGeo’s mission is to help field service businesses navigate this journey and help them realize the rewards of automation. allGeo has worked with companies in various verticals and helped them in this journey. We bring both our practical know-how and understanding of modern-day software & hardware to help you deploy automation solutions unique to your industry.

Meet our team

Shailendra Jain


Mr. Jain was previously the CEO of Adamind, a company supplying multimedia technology solutions to the mobile markets worldwide. Mr. Jain spun out Adamind from Philips Electronics in 2004, successfully listed the company on AIM (London) and completed its sale in Q2 2007. Prior roles include at GM of a BU at Philips Electronics,


Scott McCarty


Scott McCarty is a Senior Architect & Software Engineer with past experience including work on leading-edge document technology at WordPerfect, designing visual programming languages and researching Internet technologies as a member of the Advanced Development Group at Novell (acquired Serius Corp.)

Mani Narayan

VP of Marketing

Mani brings over 20 years of marketing in software and SaaS companies. He was previously VP of Marketing at Jitterbit and Head of Demand Generation...

John Cunningham

Director of Sales

A seasoned full-stack marketer and team leader with enterprise and consumer technology products and services experience at both Fortune 500 and start-up companies. A strategic thinker who can deliver effective marketing, communications, and support programs to drive awareness and sales on a global basis.

India Team


We have a team of skilled product managers, systems engineers, app designers, software developers and QA engineers. The team reports to our Director of Operations in Bangalore, India and works with our CTO on the development of our modern technology platform. The India team also includes Marketing experts with


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