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Abaqus is focused on helping field service organizations with advanced solutions to automate their operations and dramatically improve their efficiency, productivity, customer experience, and profitability.

Abaqus's allGeo is a full-blown automation platform with the ability to create custom field operations workflows for different industries. These workflows incorporate task scheduling, activity visualization, data collection, exception monitoring, messaging and analytics.

The data and events from these workflows can then plug into the overall corporate systems and processes via connectors and API. This roundtrip of data and events then allows for measurement against corporate KPIs and further optimization of field resources.

The platform interfaces with a wide variety of devices such as Android devices, iOS devices, and telematics devices. The Abaqus team brings executives from Philips Electronics, Qualcomm, Cisco, Intel, Cadence and Jitterbit with decades of experience in web, mobile, and cloud software industries.


Our View of the Field Service Industry


We foresee automation disrupting the field service industry. Companies that adapt to this change will thrive while others risk falling behind.

Field service workflow automation can improve productivity and save costs, changing a company's growth trajectory. By automating repetitive tasks, integrating software systems, and flowing critical data, businesses can react, learn, and adapt in real time.

The biggest benefit is it frees up companies to focus on their core business. We believe leading in field service automation will lead to industry leadership.

Our Mission

our mission

At allGeo, we strive to assist field service businesses in their automation journey and help them reap the benefits. With our experience working with companies in different industries, we bring both practical knowledge and an understanding of modern software and hardware to create tailored automation solutions. Let us help you deploy solutions that are unique to your industry and achieve your automation goals.

our mission

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