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Abaqus and Intelek Announce Transportation EDI Support for Rapid Integration of Logistics Management Capabilities with 3rd Party TMS Systems

Palo Alto CA, January 17 2017

Rapid service integration across broad range of Transportation and Supply Chain TMS and EDI systems provides leading transportation firms like Carroll Fulmer with customized real-time load tracking management and supply chain visibility


Abaqus, Inc., a provider of the allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) cloud-hosted mobile workforce management and transportation support platform, and Intelek Technologies announced today that they have teamed to integrate Intelek Technologies’ EDI Transportation Suite with the allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) load tracking & logistics event monitoring solution, almost instantly enabling it to support almost all TMS and supply chain logistics software systems in use by the transportation industry.

“Before deciding to partner with allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) we looked at a well-known competitor. The choice to go with allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) was based on the ‘ease’ of working with them during the design process,” said Julie Hall, Director of Information Technology for Carroll Fulmer Logistics. “Although there have been some bumps in the road as with any new technology implementation we do not regret partnering with allGeo. They have been more than willing and able to address each business rule that has presented itself. The project has evolved and continues to evolve based on business rules. I am thankful for a partner that is willing to evolve with us.”

“We’ve been growing our transportation sector customer base rapidly and have been encountering an increasing number of TMS integration demands along with highly customized logistics event monitoring requirements,” said Shailendra Jain, CEO of Abaqus, Inc. “ To address this, we have built a rich suite of Web APIs & Transportation EDIs to support integration into leading TMS, USPS LCRS system and Custom Supply Chain systems. Teaming with Intelek further enhances our ability to deliver rich logistics management capabilities to our customers quickly and elegantly.”

“We saw this as a great automation opportunity for Carroll Fulmer, and as we worked on integration with Abaqus, we became very excited about the possibilities of this solution,” said Terry Wood, VP of Business Development at Intelek Technologies. “The functionality that allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) provides, combined with the power and flexibility of IETS has really created something powerful, that hasn't been seen in the transportation industry before now.”

The allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) service offers unmatched load tracking and management capabilities with Intelligent Load Monitoring features that provide on-demand load location, ETA, automatic exception alerts in case of delays / stoppages, and periodic location & status updates via text, voice and email.

  • Supports Transportation & Logistics companies using 3rd party drivers
  • Works on any driver’s phone with no app
  • Rapid Integration capabilities to enable just-in-time load setup within familiar TMS systems to help tender loads for their customers (USPS, Shippers, etc.)
  • Intelligent Supply Chain Event Monitoring features including Driver status, Arrival Delays, Stoppages, ETA based on dynamic road conditions etc.
  • Periodic load status updates via text, voice and email to Brokers, Shippers, Customers
  • GPS-tagged 'Proof-of-delivery (PoD) and Verification
  • Certified USPS LCRS provider for GPS compliance reporting
  • Optional Smartphone App with HoS, QR code/barcode scanner and signature capture
  • Fine-grained privacy management for Drivers. Supports ad-hoc driver provisioning
  • No upfront costs, No special devices required. Works on all phones.
  • Software as a Service: Pay per Load. No long term contracts

About Intelek Technologies
Intelek Technologies provides complete B2B and EDI integration. We help our customers communicate cost effectively. We also specialize in automating manual, repetitive, non-value added tasks, bringing exceptional value to our customers thru process automation. Founded in 1996, Intelek Technologies is based in Norman, Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner!) Intelek integrates everything data with anything trucking. We invite you to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (800) 353-3696 to find out how we can help you with your specific issues, problems, needs or requirements.

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About Abaqus Inc, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, carrier grade field service automation platform which helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees and assets, improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs. The allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) platform enables automation solutions across a wide range of industries, from mobile field force companies, trade services companies, emergency responders and healthcare providers, to 3PL, transportation and freight brokering companies seeking driver and load management solutions and USPS contract support -- without any impact on their devices, service plans, or cell phone costs. Visit for more information.


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