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The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now a global pandemic

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2024

During these uncertain times, the entire team at Abaqus would like to wish you, your business and loved ones good health & safety.


Abaqus reaffirms its commitment to providing you with uninterrupted service and customer support.

We achieve this by first ensuring the wellbeing of our employees and pairing that with a robust business continuity plan. Since day one, we have built our business with a distributed team available to provide continuous product innovations & enhancements with round-the-clock support (chat/email/phone during local business hours). On top of that, we have partnered with Amazon AWS and Google to host our software & business systems ( with continuous investments in enterprise-grade security, scale and redundancy. As a result we expect no interruption to our software service and support.

For our employees and work environment, we are currently taking the following measures to ensure safety and wellbeing:

  • All business travel has been cancelled. Anyone who has recently travelled is required to work from home for a minimum of 14 days and to monitor for symptoms prior to returning to office
  • Employees are encouraged to limit non-essential personal travels
  • If an employee has been in contact with someone who has (or is suspected to have) COVID-19, they are required to work from home for a minimum of 14 days to monitor for any symptoms
  • We have cancelled our planned attendance of industry events through June 2020. Dates will be adjusted as needed
  • All office events, parties, meetups scheduled in the office have been cancelled until June 2020
  • We have limited the number of visitors to office including job interviews
  • All job interviews will be conducted over the phone / video calls
  • We are working with our office landlord to increase the number of office cleanings including periodic doors/common surfaces wipes. We have removed the use of touch surfaces including biometric devices
  • Placed Hand Sanitizers throughout the office. Encourage use frequently
  • Discourage physical touching, handshakes. Opt for Namaste , air high fives or leg shakes
  • Reference OSHA Guidelines & health tips on COVID-19:
Preparation Drill:
  • Recommended set of collaboration Tools & Processes for Remote work have been put in place
  • Work from home Exercise to be conducted on next week March 17. This will help us evaluate our ability to operate effectively from home offices if needed in the coming weeks.
  • Business Continuity Drill is being conducted this weekend

We do not anticipate any interruption to the web service and mobile apps We are committed to keeping our cloud-hosted platform fully operational 24x7 with live support available during normal business hours.

We thank you for your continued support and trust in Abaqus.

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Abaqus, based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, no-code field service automation platform that helps midsize businesses achieve field service excellence. The allGeo platform helps businesses customize and automate their field service workflows to better manage and optimize their operations and payroll workflow. With allGeo, Field service businesses can significantly reduce payroll and operations costs while improving productivity and accountability. The allGeo platform hosts a suite of turnkey apps that can be rapidly deployed in a wide range of industries e.g. Scheduling, Time Clock, Tracking & Monitoring, Mileage, Dispatch, Electronic Visit Verification, Lone Worker Safety, and Field Inspection using QR / mobile forms. Visit for more information.

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