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Abaqus Announces Enhanced Geofence-Based Mobile Time Clock and Workflow Automation for the allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) Platform

Palo Alto CA, October 03 2016

Enhanced Geofencing adds rich context to field activities, automates time & attendance, adds precision to job costing, and improves field data collection.


Abaqus Inc., a provider of the first-of-a-kind cloud-hosted mobile workforce management and transportation logistics platform announced enhancements to its Geofencing & Field-Events Rules Engine. Geofences, also known as geozones, are virtual perimeters around a predefined area of interest, like warehouses, construction sites, or live customer project sites. When combined with real-time GPS information from an employee’s phone and allGeo’s powerful IF-This-Then-That (IFTTT) rules engine, companies can dramatically reduce their manual processes and automate their field operations workflow with capabilities such as always-on resource monitoring, job site record keeping, field data collection and exceptions based real-time alerts.

“allGeo's platform, including its geofencing technology, has drastically improved the management of mobile resources across our national footprint," said Felipe Padilla, Operations Manager, Siboney Contracting. "Along with great tracking records, their tech support has been exceptional.”

"Our innovative new geofencing feature delivers an intelligent solution that makes it easy to provide the much needed 'context' for our Customers’ day-to-day workforce management requirements," said Shailendra Jain, CEO of Abaqus, Inc. “This means that an employee or asset is not just detected and logged at a geofenced jobsite or point of interest, but the context -- the time of day, the site details, the employee’s job status and other data-collection events can trigger a customized set of workflow and exception alerts.”

The scalable allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) platform can rapidly provision tens of thousands of geofenced job sites and perform calculations to detect arrival/departure, delays, optimize travel routes among various sites, and automate entire workflow with a rich rules engine. The system also gathers critical data that can be used for payroll, time & attendance, resource optimization and business analytics for a variety of service industries, such as:

  • Healthcare: With Contextual workflow automation, healthcare companies can collect location stamped Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) at patient sites as well as track time & attendance and mileage data for audit and billing purposes, while ensuring caregivers' safety. Read Case Study
  • Transportation: Context driven workflow automation helps logistics companies improve fleet & warehouse operations with end-to-end logistics & supply chain event monitoring using sophisticated location tracking, geo-fencing, messaging, rules engine with ETA and exception alerts. The data can be easily provisioned and integrated into any back-end Transportation management system (TMS). Read Case Study
  • Construction companies can better manage their employees in multiple projects and multiple sites and improve productivity by recording job/task status for customer billing and job costing, as well as automatically gather accurate time & attendance information to control payroll costs. Read Case Study
  • Property and facility management companies can boost productivity by up to 15% across their workforce using custom data collection via voice, sms or mobile app and context driven automation features such as zero-touch time-clocking with geofencing. Read Case Study>/li>

Visit www.allgeo.com for more information and to sign up for a free trial.

About Abaqus Inc

Abaq.us, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, carrier grade field service automation platform which helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees and assets, improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs. The allGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking) platform enables automation solutions across a wide range of industries, from mobile field force companies, trade services companies, emergency responders and healthcare providers, to 3PL, transportation and freight brokering companies seeking driver and load management solutions and USPS contract support -- without any impact on their devices, service plans, or cell phone costs. Visit https://www.allgeo.com for more information.


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