Time Clock using QR Code

A smart & faster time clock software to track construction crews, allGeo transforms construction time tracking into an intuitive and simplified process. How? Using QR codes at job sites or equipment, managers can track employee hours, overtime, shift changes, mileage, equipment usage, tasks and adherence to safety protocols.

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Construction Workforce Management using QR Code

  • Employee Punch In/Out

  • Asset Tracking

  • Tool Verification

Manual timesheets are now history! Workers can scan QR code at the job site to punch in/out on their mobile or tablet. allGeo’s time clock system allows construction supervisors to check in workers, individually or as a group

allGeo’s time clock system allows construction supervisors to check in workers, individually or as a group with advanced crew punching and GPS-tagged QR codes. This saves time, reduces errors, and boosts productivity.

A construction site may have equipment such as tractors, excavators, loaders, materials, tools, etc. Lack of documentation, missing records of assets, and inappropriate equipment identification tags can contribute to its theft.

Losing assets will be a thing of the past with asset tracking using QR code tags. Managing assets is now easier as you can store and manage all asset data in a centralized cloud platform.

Maintaining quality standards on construction equipment and materials just got easier! To ensure safety and proper equipment usage at construction sites, you can now embed a maintenance website link in a QR code tag placed on heavy-duty and non-heavy-duty construction materials. This will help verify that the tools, equipment, and materials are being used appropriately to minimize errors.

Benefits of QR code in construction

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How does allGeo QR code app work

The App works via Mobile App. The crew would need to install the app from the App Store and complete the registration process.

Once the mobile number is registered, the manager/admin sets up workers schedules in the system.

QR Code Workflow

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