What is Geofencing time clock?

Geofencing time clock is a mobile app that logs employee clock in and out times based on a virtual perimeter/boundary (a fence) around a particular location on a map. The location can be any area of interest such as your office, home, warehouse, customer place, job sites and more. By marking the area on a map, you can automatically monitor activity such as entry, exit and the time spent inside the area.

Instead of employees logging their clock in and out times on spreadsheet or on paper manually, hours are automatically stored in a database and can be exported at any time for payroll and compliance purposes.

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Types of Geofencing

  • Polygon Geofencing

  • Quadrilaterals Geofencing

A polygon geofencing is a closed figure whose sides are all line segments. Geofencing time clock is a location-based service in which an app or other software uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to trigger a pre-programmed action when a mobile device or RFID tag enters or exits a virtual boundary set up around a geographical location, known as a geofence.

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Quadrilateral geofencing is a four sided polygon of line segments. This means that a quadrilateral always has four sides, four angles, the sides cannot be curved, and the figure must be closed in (because it is a type of polygon).

This “zero-touch” approach to time clocking enables organizations to be more efficient and manage their time clocked expenses automatically. It relieves their employees of constantly clocking in and clocking out and instead spending their time doing their jobs in the field.

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Benefits of Geofence time clock app

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Why allGeo geofence time clock app?

  • Avoids Buddy Punching
  • Employee Privacy
  • Optimal Battery Usage

The allGeo geofencing employee tracking app makes sure that employees are not clocking in/out with help from their fellow employees while not at work. The allGeo geofencing employee tracking app allows employees to take a selfie or capture signatures as proof with geo tagged time and location.

Employee time clock app that avoids buddy punching

allGeo’s time clock app with geofencing protects employees’ right to privacy while tracking them. Employers need to have a policy in place informing their employees that their device has a geofencing time clock app installed on their phone that will monitor their whereabouts during work hours only, disabling tracking during lunch hour and after hours.

allGeo - time clock app protects employees’ right

allGeo minimizes phone battery usage compared to other apps. The battery consumption is usually at 3% or below on a daily basis, ensuring that the app is not a drain on the battery.

allGeo time clock platform uses optimal battery

How does allGeo geofencing time clock app work?

The geofencing time clock app works via mobile app The employees need to install the app from the App store on their mobile phones and register their mobile numbers. The administrator or manager must first establish a virtual boundary around a specified location. This can be as simple as a circle drawn 100 feet around a location on Google Maps. This virtual geofence will then trigger a response when an authorized employee enters or exits that area, as specified by the administrator or manager.

Geofencing helps you stay on top of field activities in real time. A modern workforce tool with geofencing technology can help your operations and back-office dispatch teams with updates from the field as they happen. This means your operations and dispatch teams automatically have the real-time information to help manage teams without having to spend time making check calls!

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