employee location tracking app

Employee Time & Attendance using Geofencing

Manage your field employees with an automated clock-in clock-out through the geofencing time clock app.

Automatic employee clock in/out
Real-time alerts & notifications
Accurate employee work hours

How allGeo Geofencing Works?

Enhance Timesheet Accuracy with Geofence Time & Attendance App

geofenced job sites

Ensure employees can only clock in and out when they're physically present at designated locations. Enhance workforce management and reduce time theft with precision.

Enhance Timesheet Accuracy with Geofence Time & Attendance App

Discover More Features with Geofence Time Clock App

Route & Mileage Tracking

Route & Mileage Tracking

Route & Mileage Tracking

Gain insights into your field employees' route choices with historical location data, helping them optimize their routes and ensure accurate mileage reimbursement.

Smart Job Scheduling

Smart Job Scheduling

Effortlessly schedule the right staff for any role or location by tracking their skills and availability, ensuring your team is always well-prepared.

Smart Job Scheduling
Rules and alerts

Rules and Alerts

Rules and alerts

Configure rules and alerts for various situations and receive notifications. For example, get alerts when an employee arrives late or departs early from job sites to ensure tasks are completed as assigned.

Field Data Collection

Field data collection

Employees can gather diverse field data, including notes, completed tasks, signatures, and photos, or create customized forms.

Field data collection
Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Streamline task management with our centralized Work Order Dashboard, facilitating easy tracking, assignment, and real-time monitoring.

Payroll Integration

Payroll integration

Effortlessly integrate time-tracking with payroll and export timesheets in various formats, like Excel and CSV, without disruptive system changes.

Payroll integration
AI-generated Reports

AI-Generated Reports

AI-generated Reports

Examine relevant metrics and create custom reports to enhance decision-making, from project hours to daily job site visits. Export your reports in a variety of formats, including Excel, CSV, PDF, and more.

allGeo Advantage: Optimize your Field Service Operations

Gain instant access to your workforce's location and activities, allowing you to monitor operations and respond to changes promptly.

Real-Time Visibility

Maintain functionality even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity, ensuring uninterrupted tracking and reporting.

Offline Mode

Prevent Time Fraud by using methods like selfie capture and signature validation, geo-tagged with time and location, for indisputable attendance proof and reduced unauthorized clock-ins.

Avoid Buddy Punching

Minimize battery consumption, typically using 3% or less daily, allowing employees to use it throughout their workday without excessive drain on their devices.

Optimal Battery Usage

Follow strict privacy standards with our app. Employees are informed of work-hour tracking, with monitoring disabled during breaks and after hours.

Employee privacy

How does allGeo Geofencing Time clock App Work?

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Time and Attendance Tracking with allGeo

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