Employee Time Clocking System Using QR Code

allGeo’s QR code time clocking capability allows employees to record time & attendance with a GPS tag. This GPS tagging system is further enhanced with the use of QR Code to provide precise indoors / outdoors attendance verification. QR codes are widely used across many industries such as Manufacturing, Property & Facility Management, Security and Transportation. It can help in both time and attendance tracking of field staff as well as task or job site tracking. As customers have unique workflows, both time & attendance and task tracking workflows can be customized to fit their specific requirements.

In the context of employee monitoring, QR code can be used to store a geo-coordinate of a building including details such as suite#, floor etc. This level of detail can be valuable in precise placement of the end user in their work environment e.g. A security guard who is on his rounds in building A, floor# 4, suite #402

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QR Code time clock app

How to set up QR Code job-sites in allGeo?

The operations manager can enter job site addresses in the allGeo web portal to create geofences. The manager can then use allGeo’s QR Code Generator to create QR codes with additional specific information about their job sites (e.g. suite # inside a stadium; storefront inside a mall). These QR code printouts can then be laminated (search for lamination pouches on Amazon) and physically attached to the job sites.

Once the job sites are set up and QR code is being installed at every job site, it will help to track employee time and attendance in real-time. Managers can generate time and attendance reports at the end of the day or payroll period.

How does allGeo employee QR clocking systems work?

The QR Code time clock system works via a mobile app. Employees need to install the app from the App Store and complete the registration process. Once the mobile number is registered, the manager/admin needs to set up employee information in the system. With this step, employee tracking starts automatically and managers have employee location available in real-time.

The user can open the app to take additional notes including scanning the QR code. When the QR code is scanned, a note with the details of the QR code is submitted and available in Google sheets.

QR Code employee clocking system

allGeo QR Code Time and Attendance Features

  • Avoid Buddy Punching
  • Collect any type of Inspection Data
  • Employee Privacy
  • Monitor Overtime
  • Custom Report and Analytics

allGeo QR Code time tracking app makes sure that employees are not clocking in/out with the help of their fellow employees while at not work.

The allGeo QR time and attendance app allows employees to take a selfie or capture signatures as proof with geo tagged time and location.

Employees can collect any type of field inspection data such as notes, tasks, signatures, pictures or use custom forms. Managers can view field data in real-time or generate automatic reports.

Generate custom report for inspection data for an individual employee or group.

allGeo’ QR Code time clock app with GPS protects employees’ right to privacy while tracking them.

Employers need to have a policy in place informing their employees that their device has employee time tracking software installed on their phones that will monitor their location during work hours.

We give you real-time insights into your employees’ hours.

You can set up emails or mobile notifications when an employee is nearing their maximum for the day or week so you can adjust your employees’ schedule accordingly.

Generate reports based on QR Scan, job-sites, mileage etc for an individual employee or group. The reports can be generated in different formats like pdf, xlxs, htm or can be passed to different systems via API for payroll and compliance purposes.

allGeo also offers custom reports based on specific requirements customers might have based on their unique workflows.

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