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Seamlessly track time and mileage, revolutionizing property maintenance. Experience smarter asset management, enhancing operations.

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Monitor, Track, and Optimize your Facility Management

Track and record employee arrivals and departures within the facility via geofenced job sites. Ensure attendance accuracy with GPS time stamps, preventing off-site check-ins.

Automatic Clock In/Out based on job-sites

Optimize field employee routes for efficiency while ensuring seamless mileage reimbursement verification with accurate logs.

Mileage Tracking

Effortlessly manage and track employee overtime with our comprehensive facility management solution. Ensure compliance and optimize resource allocation with accurate overtime tracking, reducing employee burnout.

Overtime Management

Enhance field productivity by efficiently managing employee breaks. Our facility management software allows seamless break scheduling and monitoring, promoting a balanced workflow.

Break Management

Streamline your operations with precise timesheet management. Our facility management system ensures accurate recording and reporting of employee hours, simplifying payroll processes and compliance.

Accurate Timesheet

Monitor employees in real-time using geofencing around the facilities to ensure safe and productive facility operations.

Real-time Location Tracking

Simplify staff scheduling, assign tasks efficiently, and ensure optimal resource allocation for enhanced productivity.

Staff Scheduling

Capture field information through forms, images, QR codes, and digital signatures, streamlining the inspection process.

Facility inspection

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Enhanced Functionality for Seamless Facility Management

Smart Alerts & Rule Configuration

Smart Alerts & Rule Configuration

Smart Alerts & Rule Configuration

Trigger real-time alerts whenever an event is recorded e.g., a QR code is scanned or the job site is entered.

Reports & Analytics

Reports & Analytics

Improve decision-making and performance management using analytics dashboards or custom reports

Reports & Analytics
Robust Offline Functionality

Robust Offline Functionality

Robust Offline Functionality

Seamlessly access and update field data even without an internet connection, ensuring continuity in your workflow.

Easy integration


allGeo supports integration with all leading software, so you don’t have to make massive changes to your existing process. allGeo also offers auto sync with payroll systems like ADP Workforce Force Now for precise mileage-related pay.

You can either integrate your payroll software or export the timesheet in any format excel, csv etc.

Safety Monitoring & Threat Escalation

Safety Monitoring & Threat Escalation

Safety Monitoring & Threat Escalation

Field workers can manually trigger a safety alarm via the app. You can perform periodic safety checks using smart safety workflows or set up a custom multi-level threat escalation channel, including dial-up to the local 911..

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Explore time-tracking workflow to improve your facility operations efficiency

Explore time-tracking workflow to improve your facility operations efficiency.

Frequently asked questions

Our facility management solution incorporates automated time tracking features, enabling seamless monitoring of employee clock-ins and outs based on job sites. This ensures accurate attendance records without manual input.

Absolutely. Our system offers precise mileage tracking, capturing routes taken by field employees. This data aids in accurate mileage reimbursement and optimization of travel routes for enhanced efficiency.

Our facility management solution employs real-time tracking and geofencing technology, allowing continuous monitoring of employee locations. This ensures safety by triggering alerts if employees venture beyond designated work areas or encounter potential risks.

Our facility management system provides real-time location tracking, offering live insights into field activities. Managers can monitor employee movements, enhancing operational visibility and enabling quick decision-making.

Absolutely. Our platform facilitates seamless field inspections through mobile apps, allowing field staff to conduct inspections, capture data, and submit reports effortlessly. This includes forms, images, QR codes, and digital signatures for comprehensive documentation.

The software's inspection capabilities allow for detailed documentation stamped with time and location data. This aids in compliance checks, ensuring that inspections are thorough, accurate, and aligned with safety protocols.

Our software includes safety monitoring features where field workers can trigger safety alarms via the app in case of emergencies. Additionally, customizable safety workflows and multi-level threat escalation channels ensure swift response and support, including direct connections to emergency services if needed.

Our solution provides robust analytics dashboards and custom reporting tools. These features enable data-driven decision-making, offering insights into employee performance, facility operations, and compliance metrics.

Our facility maintenance software simplifies maintenance workflows by digitizing work orders, enabling efficient task allocation, and tracking progress. It centralizes communication, facilitating prompt issue resolution and ensuring smooth operations within facilities.

Absolutely. Our facility maintenance software offers task prioritization features, allowing users to categorize and allocate urgency levels to maintenance tasks. It provides real-time visibility into task statuses, ensuring timely completion and enabling effective resource allocation for optimized facility management.


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