Simplify Business Expenses with an Automatic Mileage Tracker

Attain Accurate Mileage Logs and Expense Reports, While Preventing Fraudulent Claims, with the most comprehensive Mileage Tracking App.

Boost Efficiency

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Real Time visibility

Automatic Mileage Capture

Eliminate the hassle of manual data entry. allGeo's automatic trip tracking and accurate mileage logs ensure business expense accuracy.

Boost Efficiency


Optimize routes for employees with distance, traffic, and delivery window considerations, cutting time and fuel costs. Receive real-time route updates for maximum efficiency.

Empower Your Team

Real-time Communication

Connect with customers and field employees through the app, delivering real-time tracking updates and prompt notifications for any delivery changes or delays.

Boost Efficiency


Set up alerts to remind field employees of safety protocols while traveling through risky areas, enhancing their safety and reducing potential risks.

Introducing allGeo: Your Ultimate Mileage Tracker Companion

GPS Mileage Tracker

timesheet management

Record your field workers' mileage through GPS with the allGeo app, and automatically calculate mileage expenses, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring accuracy.

Automatic Mileage Capture

Expense and Mileage Reports

Real-Time Employee Route Visibility

Smart Alerts and Notification

Accelerate Expense Processing

timesheet management

See how allGeo makes an impact


Average cost savings per employee with allGeo’s mileage tracking app


Average time saved per employee per month in filing reimbursements


of companies using allGeo report seeing more accurate mileage reports

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Customize Your Mileage Tracking Experience

Discover flexible mileage tracker options tailored to your
business requirements.

Automatic Trip tracking

Automatic Trip tracking

Automatic Trip tracking

Our app quietly and precisely logs your miles in the background, recognizing trip starts and stops, all without the need for manual input.

Quick Logging

Quick Logging

Take charge with the simplicity of one-click tracking. Just hit 'Start' or 'Stop' at the beginning or end of your journey, effortlessly capturing your field business miles.

Quick Logging
Streamline Your Field Service Workflow with allGeo

Streamline Your Field Service Workflow with allGeo

Streamline Your Field Service Workflow with allGeo

Customize Your Field Workflow. Seamlessly integrate mileage tracking with allGeo's features for efficiency and accuracy.

What Our Customers Say

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Easy Payroll Integrations

allGeo simplifies the reimbursement processes by integrating with your payroll system making the process more accurate and faster. Eliminate the manual and time-consuming process of reconciling distance logs from the field for expense claim processing.

Manage Your Team with Precision

Frequently asked questions

Mileage tracking involves monitoring and recording the distance traveled for business or tax purposes, often with the help of dedicated apps.

  • Different types of mileage trackers

    Mileage trackers can be physical devices or mobile apps, with GPS-based apps being the most popular and versatile.

  • Benefits of using a mileage tracker app

    A mileage tracker app offers accurate, convenient business mileage logging, tax deductions, expense management, and improved route optimization for businesses.

  • Best way to track mileage for field employees

    The best way is to use a GPS-based mileage tracker app that offers real-time mileage capture and reporting for field employees.

Our apps are designed for efficiency and have only a 3% battery impact when used for mile tracking.

Our mileage tracker apps store data offline and sync when a connection is available, ensuring uninterrupted tracking.

allGeo uses GPS technology to accurately calculate mileage expenses based on the distance traveled, ensuring precise and efficient reimbursement tracking for your business.

We offer the flexibility to build a custom workflow tailored to your specific needs. This means you can seamlessly integrate time tracking with mileage tracking, providing a comprehensive solution for managing both time and distance tracking for your field employees.

Yes, our mileage-tracking apps support the management of multiple job sites for businesses with diverse operations.

Yes, our mile tracker app offers features to assist with labor compliance and safety, including, route optimization, and safety alerts.

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of your data. allGeo employs industry-standard encryption protocols to protect your mileage and trip data, ensuring it remains safe and secure.

Yes, you can easily export detailed mileage reports from allGeo to facilitate tax preparation and reimbursement claims.

Absolutely. allGeo is scalable and designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, including those with large teams of field employees.

Yes, allGeo allows you to customize and set up mileage reimbursement rates that align with your organization's policies and requirements.

We offer dedicated support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using the app. Our support team is readily available to provide assistance.

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