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Boost Efficiency
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Real Time visibility

Automated Staff Scheduling

Never worry about being short-staffed again. Efficiently assign tasks and projects to available employees or teams automatically, based on predefined criteria, such as skill sets, availability, and workload.

Boost Efficiency

Job Scheduling in Minutes

Quickly create your work schedule with an intuitive Drag/Drop UI that allows you to build the perfect schedule in just minutes. Easily schedule jobs to the right field employee at the right time, across locations.

Empower Your Team

Real-time Job schedule updates

Instantly inform your workforce about work schedules and ad-hoc assignments. Send schedules directly and allow confirmations through our user-friendly mobile app, ensuring efficient communication and smooth operations.

Boost Efficiency


Enable field employees to obtain digital signatures from customers upon job completion via the field form collection app. Enhance record-keeping efficiency and customer satisfaction with this seamless feature.

Introducing allGeo: Your Ultimate Mileage Tracker Companion

Calendar-Based Employee Scheduling

timesheet management

Effortlessly manage employee schedules through an intuitive calendar interface. Enable easy visualization and manipulation of shifts, tasks, and assignments.

Auto-assign Work Scheduler

Real-time Task Tracking

GPS tracking

Reporting and Analytics

Compliance Management

Smart Alerts and Notifications


Customize your Employee Job Scheduling with allGeo. We are here to Simplify!

Streamline Your Field Job Management with allGeo

Real-time Employee Monitoring

Real-time Employee Monitoring

Real-time Employee Monitoring

Efficiently monitor staff attendance, breaks, and compliance for optimized workforce management. Receive alerts for missed breaks, enhancing operational efficiency.

Employee Overtime Management


Monitor employee overtime to ensure labor regulation compliance, and foster a healthy work-life balance for your workforce.


Cost-Effective Operations


Optimize scheduling and lower costs with streamlined job management and advanced analytics for efficient resource allocation and reduced overheads.

What Our Customers Say

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Easy Payroll Integrations

allGeo simplifies the reimbursement processes by integrating with your payroll system making the process more accurate and faster. Eliminate the manual and time-consuming process of reconciling distance logs from the field for expense claim processing.

Manage Your Team with Precision

Frequently asked questions

Job scheduling software is a tool that helps businesses efficiently manage and organize their work schedules, tasks, and appointments for their field employees.

  • Benefit from using allGeo's employee scheduling app

    By using allGeo's employee scheduling app, you can easily create, adjust, and communicate work schedules, improving employee satisfaction and overall operational efficiency.

  • Different types of scheduling jobs are supported

    allGeo's job scheduling software supports various types of scheduling jobs, including one-time tasks, recurring assignments, shift-based scheduling, and priority-based scheduling, ensuring flexibility and adaptability for different business requirements.

  • Best way to track location based scheduling for field employees

    allGeo utilizes advanced GPS tracking and geofencing technology to accurately monitor the location of field employees in real-time, enabling businesses to track their movements, assign tasks based on proximity, and optimize route planning for efficient field operations.

allGeo's job scheduling software automates the process of creating and managing employee schedules, ensuring optimal resource utilization and improved productivity.

Yes, allGeo's job scheduling software allows businesses to incorporate meal and rest break schedules into their overall employee work schedules, ensuring compliance with labor regulations and promoting employee well-being.

Yes, allGeo's scheduling software is designed to handle intricate service scheduling needs, ensuring that businesses can efficiently allocate resources and meet customer demands promptly.

allGeo's job scheduler uses advanced algorithms to optimize work schedules, considering factors such as employee availability, skill sets, and location to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

Yes, allGeo's staff scheduling software offers customization options, allowing businesses to tailor the software to their unique scheduling requirements and industry-specific workflows.

allGeo's employee scheduling software utilizes fair and balanced scheduling algorithms, considering factors such as employee preferences, availability, and workload to create equitable schedules.

allGeo's job scheduling app includes offline mode functionality, allowing field employees to continue accessing and updating job schedules even in areas with poor cell service, ensuring uninterrupted workflow management.

allGeo provides detailed insights and analytics on employee activities, including job completion times, travel routes, and task durations, enabling businesses to assess and improve overall employee productivity effectively.

Yes, allGeo's job scheduling app is designed to facilitate seamless management of multiple job sites, allowing businesses to efficiently allocate resources and coordinate tasks across various locations.

Yes, allGeo's scheduling software is designed to seamlessly integrate with various existing business systems, ensuring smooth data flow and enhanced operational coordination.

Yes, allGeo prioritizes labor compliance and safety by providing features such as real-time safety alerts, automated compliance checks, and customizable safety protocols, ensuring that businesses adhere to industry regulations and maintain a secure work environment.

Absolutely. allGeo is scalable and designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, including those with large teams of field employees.

We offer dedicated support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using the app. Our support team is readily available to assist.


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