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Seamlessly track and manage your field employee time and attendance with allGeo user-friendly app. Gain real-time visibility into your team's performance and save hours weekly through payroll integration.

Employee time tracking

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Accurate and Easy-To-Use Time Tracking Software

Automated time and attendance

Automated time and attendance

Effortlessly collect and verify timesheets with geofenced job sites. Say goodbye to buddy punching and manual entries, enhancing accuracy in your employee timesheet records.

Streamlined Payroll Integration

Streamlined Payroll Integration

Simplify complex payroll tasks with seamless integration. Eliminate double entry headaches, ensure accurate payouts, and effortlessly manage overtime.

Field Employee Insights

Field Employee Insights

Make informed decisions by gaining a comprehensive view of your workforce's performance. From overall productivity to time spent on projects, enhance efficiency with insightful data.

Field Employee time Tracking Made Easy

Real-Time Attendance

Real-Time Attendance

Manage your field workforce with real-time attendance tracking, ensuring instant insights into your team's availability and productivity. Easily monitor late punch-ins or early punch-outs.

Breaks and Time-Off Management

Accurate Electronic Timesheets

Team Location Sharing

Alerts and Reminders

Job Scheduling

Offline Support

Real-Time Attendance

Customize your employee time tracking with allGeo. We are here to Simplify!

Optimizing Workforce Efficiency

Employee Time Tracking Methods

Geofence Time Clock

Geofence Time Clock

Geofence Time Clock

Employ a "Zero Touch" time clock with jobsite geofencing for effortless time and site attendance tracking. A low-hassle feature that requires no employee training.

GPS Time Clock App

GPS Time Clock App

Enable crew check-in functionality to ensure accurate attendance records and efficient workforce management. Capture additional field data like Notes, Pictures, Signatures, and more.

GPS Time Clock App
IVR and Text-based Time-Clock

IVR and Text-based Time-Clock

IVR and Text-based Time-Clock

For feature phones, leverage geotagged text messages or IVR phone calls to record time and attendance. Customize language for text and IVR commands for a user-friendly experience.

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Easy Payroll Integrations

allGeo simplifies the reimbursement processes by integrating with your payroll system making the process more accurate and faster. Eliminate the manual and time-consuming process of reconciling distance logs from the field for expense claim processing.

Manage Your Team with Precision

Frequently asked questions

It is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline time and attendance management, providing businesses with a powerful tool to enhance workforce productivity and efficiency. This software allows you to effectively track and manage employee work hours, ensuring accurate and transparent timekeeping.

Our online timesheet functionality simplifies the recording and tracking of employee work hours, making it easier for you to manage and analyze attendance data.

We provide a user-friendly interface, robust features for accurate time tracking including geofenced job-sites, and seamless integration with other payroll applications for enhanced efficiency.

Yes, allGeo offers a dedicated employee time tracking app, allowing your workforce to conveniently log their work hours on the go.

Absolutely. Our time tracking software is highly customizable, enabling you to tailor it to your specific requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your business.

allGeo software encompasses electronic timesheets, real-time tracking, geofencing capabilities, and comprehensive reporting tools for efficient time management.

Our software eliminates manual errors by automating the time tracking process, ensuring precise records of work hours.

Yes, the time clock app allows real-time monitoring of employee attendance, providing you with instant insights into their work hours and attendance patterns.

Yes, our software is compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers, ensuring flexibility for both employees and managers.

Yes, allGeo's Employee Time Tracking Software is designed to handle varying hourly rates. You can easily set individualized rates for different employees or specific projects, ensuring accurate and customized payroll calculations based on hourly wages. This feature provides flexibility for businesses with diverse pay structures.

Yes, the time clock for employees allows real-time monitoring of employee attendance. Managers can track when employees clock in and out, view work hours, and gain valuable insights into attendance patterns, promoting better workforce management.

Security is a top priority. Our system employs robust encryption and authentication measures to safeguard employee time tracking data, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with privacy regulations.

Our software adheres to labor regulations, helping you stay compliant with local and industry-specific requirements.


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