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Take the Complexity out of Payroll and Job Costing

Get Accurate Time Tracking and Payroll Management in One Place

Time Tracking

Pay Rate Automation

Simplify the process of managing different pay rates for employees working different shifts.

Job Costing

Track project profitability, allocate labor costs, and analyze expenses for informed decision-making using our job costing features.

Complex Scenarios

Effortlessly handle complex scenarios such as shift differentials, overtime calculations, and varied billable hour tracking

Exception alerts

Automate field operations with a customizable IFTTT rules engine, triggering alerts for exceptions involving people, place, and time.

Improve Payroll and Job Costing Accuracy

With Advanced Time Tracking Software


Save Time with Automation

Say no to paperwork and a pile of timecards at the end of every month. With the allGeo time tracking system, you will have access to all your employees' digital timesheets for faster and more accurate payroll management.


Accurate Pay

GPS tracking helps eliminate timesheet errors with accurate employee hours tracking at job sites while avoiding lunch and other breaks, ensuring that you only pay for actual working hours.


Handle Complex Scenarios

Field operations require more intricate tracking and calculations including shift differentials, overtime, and variable pay rates. Payroll Automation will eliminate the manual and time-consuming process, along with simplification of complex payroll calculations.


Easy Integration

allGeo integrates with many commonly used payroll systems, so you do not need to manually import data into your payroll system which can often result in errors. In addition to the direct exchange of data into your payroll system, you can export timesheets in any format—Excel, CSV, etc.

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  • QR Code
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Powerful Technologies to Streamline Your Operations




Build virtual boundaries around a real-world geographic area to capture employee clock in/ clock out time. Monitor field employee movement to ensure safety and operations within designated areas.

Powerful Technologies to Streamline Your Operations


QR Code


allGeo's QR code time tracking amplifies employees' time & attendance process with a GPS tag, Customize the QR code functionality for both task tracking and more precise attendance verification both indoor and outdoor.

Powerful Technologies to Streamline Your Operations


IVR Text


In poor network areas or if using a feature phone, record employee's time and attendance with geotagged text messages or IVR phone calls. Customize language for text and IVR commands.

Powerful Technologies to Streamline Your Operations


Mobile App


Improve time tracking accuracy, reduce manual errors, and increase efficiency with the allGeo mobile app. Employees can clock in and out, view their work schedules, and track their hours worked using a mobile device.

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