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Track Loads. Scan Trailer Barcode. Email Alerts for ETA & Traffic Events. Custom Reporting for USPS Compliance. Used by Brokers, 3PLs and Carriers

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allGeo Service Introduction

The Postal Service has instituted a new tracking GPS requirement for all US mail freight contractors which are third party logistics firms (3PL) or brokers, are using 3PLs or Brokers, or otherwise do not have their own dedicated assets.

Under this new requirement, these firms must use a certified mobile phone/tablet app based tracking solution to provide the Postal Service with timely GPS & logistics information. All vehicles with mail carrying compartments on trailers and straight body / box trucks which do not have an Orbcomm device provisioned, or cannot have an Orbcomm device provisioned, must have the driver of that vehicle download, install and use a Postal Service certified tracking app as directed.

  • They require the driver to download a tracking application to their smartphone or tablet.

  • Once the app is installed on the driver’s mobile device, it is automatically tied to an HCR or Trip (by the dispatch manager in the 3PLs back office). In addition, the app will track & report the Postal Service freight across the duration of the trip.

  • During each stage of a trip, the driver can be prompted to scan barcode (99T or 99V) to provide additional status and compliance information.

  • Logistics intelligence such as entry / exit from a postal centre, ETA to next stop etc. can also be automatically generated & reported by the system.

  • When the trip is completed, the app will automatically stop tracking until the driver’s next assignment. The driver can delete the app, or choose to keep the app on their phone such that it can be used for HCR / GO-Anywhere trips in the future.

  • See the USPS allGeo Tracking App Description and Ordering Process document on how to register for these services.

allGeo Pricing & Ordering Process

allGeo is a USPS certified tracking service app provider that helps companies comply with Postal Service location reporting requirements where the Orbcomm GPS device cannot be used. The allGeo service turns any driver’s smartphone or GPS-enabled tablet into a powerful tool for Postal Service contract compliance reporting, load location, Geofence entry / exit detection, ETA alerts and delivery confirmation.

allGeo Service Pricing

allGeo is priced based on HCR or Go-Anywhere contracts. Pricing includes features such as automatic tracking, barcode scan, geofencing & eta alerts and USPS compliant reporting. The 2 pricing models are:

  • For HCR Routes with Permanent Drivers -

    • For predefined routes with permanent drivers: $40 per route per driver.

    • Onetime Setup Cost: $10 per HCR Trip

  • For Go Anywhere Loads with changing Drivers:

    • $2 per day per load (not to exceed $5 / load)

** For annual prepaid Accounts allGeo can provide a discount of 25%
*** For additional services such as Dispatch messaging, Document management including BoL and Hours-of-Service, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

allGeo offers several layers of support, including online resources and direct support. Please visit the following link for Carrier and Driver support documents.

allGeo Ordering Process

Please contact us if you are looking for a demo of our service OR want to review pricing and setup process. The allGeo sales team can discuss your requirements and build a custom pricing quote for you. Our support team can also help setup your account based on your USPS contract information i.e. HCR Contract plate, NASSCODE for all the Postal Stops, Contractors CRID#, Driver phone # etc.

  • Sign-up for an account on our website Here.

  • Talk to our Sales Managers at +415-496-9436

  • OR Email us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Carrier & Driver user documents

Please click on the following links for product documentation on the allGeo service. Here you will find everything you need to get started.

Here is a Help Document for the Carrier/Broker Users.

Here is a How-to Document for the USPS Freight Drivers.

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