Use QR code to capture electronic records of field inspections

allGeo’s QR Code inspection app is used across industries such as Property and Facility, Construction, Manufacturing, Healthcare etc. for collecting inspection data from the field. Field employees can collect notes, signatures and take photos as proof.

Supervisors can set up rules and alerts as and when employees perform the inspection and scan a QR Code at the job site.

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QR Code Inspection App

  • Easy to Use

  • QR Code Generator

  • Intelligent Scheduling & Job Assignment

allGeo QR Code Inspection app is easy to set up and use. When employees scan the QR Code, an inspection form for those tasks will be opened up for the employee to fill out.

When they finish the form and save it, the inspection report will show up on the Inspection view as a new record.


Easy to generate QR Code. You can create custom codes with options to change each element of the QR Code such as using Logo, Text, Photo etc. You can play around with customization features - adding a frame, a CTA, background or a logo - it could be your own logo or something that explains the associated action.

For instance, if you are generating a QR code for property inspection, you can add a property like icon as a logo in the QR Code.


How complex and time consuming are your planning activities? Would you like to help your employees be at the right job site at the right time? Scheduling is a complex process that requires a high level of automation to maximize productivity and level of service.

With context-based Scheduling, the allGeo platform provides a highly efficient and intelligent way to manage employee availability and assign jobs through an intuitive and easy to use interface.


Benefits of QR Code Inspection

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Why allGeo QR Code Inspection App?

  • Efficiency and Productivity
  • Worker Privacy
  • Optimal Battery Usage

The allGeo QR Code inspection app increases employees efficiency and overall productivity. It makes it easy for inspections supervisors as they do not have to call and assign tasks to employees anymore.

Employees can access the inspections checklist via the app.

allGeo’s QR inspection app protects employees’ right to privacy while tracking them.

Employers need to have a policy in place informing their workers that their device has a QR Code inspection app installed on their phone that will monitor their whereabouts during work hours only, disabling tracking during lunch hour and after hours.

allGeo minimizes phone battery usage compared to other apps.

The battery consumption is usually at 3% or below on a daily basis, ensuring that the app is not a drain on the battery.

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