Asset Tracking Using QR Code

Companies across the globe are facing challenges with tracking and monitoring their assets in real-time. allGeo QR Code App for asset tracking can help to simplify this process and helping to be more efficient. Utilizing mobile app-based QR codes means that your employees can record assets transactions while in the field. Assets can be recorded the moment they are manufactured or moved from one place to another, all by scanning a QR code with a smartphone.

This reduces the chance of forgetting to update the losing assets and inaccurate reports. QR codes also help track employee hours, overtime, shift changes, mileage, equipment usage, associated tasks and adherence to safety protocols.

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Use of QR Codes in Manufacturing

  • Monitor Assets and Tasks

  • Track Tasks and Equipment

  • Employee Punch In/Out

All manufacturer orders/product batches are identified by QR code or barcode. Shop floor employees scan QR code/barcode with the mobile app to access and record information.

Employees handling tasks can immediately see what steps were completed, what step the work order is on, which QR inspection form(s) are already filled out and which assets are being moved out. All this information is available by scanning the QR code/barcode label on the work order.


Equipment used in manufacturing must follow the equipment code to adhere to certain quality standards and protocols in ensuring the safety of the equipment being used.

However, verifying manufacturing equipment and assets may typically be a cumbersome process. By embedding a URL link to a maintenance website into the QR codes used on heavy-duty and non-heavy duty manufacturing materials, businesses can ensure that tools, equipment and materials are being used correctly so as to minimize errors.


QR code can be used to punch In/Out workers as and when they arrive at the manufacturing facilities by simply scanning the QR code at the job site. If workers forget their mobile phone, or for those who don’t have one, Crew Punching enables supervisors to check them in, either individually or as a group.

Workers who may forget to punch-in or punch-out when they arrive at the job-site or in the evening when they get off, can trigger an alert that will notify the supervisor and will help to address this issue.


Benefits of QR Code for Asset Tracking

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How does allGeo QR Code App work

The App works via a Mobile App. The Employees need to install the app from the App Store and complete the registration process.

Once the mobile number is registered, the manager/admin needs to set up the schedule in the system.


QR Code Workflow


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