Use Gusto & allGeo for a complete Time Clock to Payroll solution

The allGeo platform now integrates with Gusto payroll software, making it easier for businesses to integrate their field service data with payroll. With this integration, you can import jobs and work orders from Gusto into the allGeo platform, monitor and record employee attendance hours in allGeo and then import the hours into Gusto for seamless payroll processing. Customers can save a significant amount of manual effort, improve efficiency and reduce costs by using both allGeo and Gusto.

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allgeo with gusto time tracking

How will allGeo help you?

allGeo is an end to end field service platform that supports the 3 key pillars needed for a world class workflow - Scheduling, Monitoring and Reporting.

Scheduling, one of the most complex parts of the field service workflow includes a calendar based system where workers schedules can be seen in one composite view and new scheduling assignments can be made. A dynamic jobs assignment process enables workers to be given schedules in real-time, based on their location, workload and job details.

Monitoring field activities in real-time helps businesses stay on top of every field activity. It includes tracking of employees, jobs, mileage, safety and real-time exceptions. allGeo Time Clock is part of the Monitoring capability that enables your company’s field workers to use their smartphones to clock in and out of job sites while providing managers with a dashboard to plan, visualize, monitor and analyze their field operations in real time.

Analytics & Reporting, the third component of the 3 Pillars, helps businesses generate useful, accurate and predictable reports for each aspect of their field activity and measure results against

How does the integration with Gusto work?

The integration between the two platforms enables customers to:

  • Simplify employee onboarding by automatically synching users between Gusto and the allGeo platform
  • Import jobs & work orders from Gusto into the allGeo platform. Job data includes sites, tasks and compensation rates.
  • Setup job schedules, monitor field activities and record attendance hours and job-related data from the field with allGeo.
  • Export time clock reports with regular or overtime calculations and compensation from allGeo to Gusto.
allgeo with gusto
allgeo with gusto

What is the technology behind allGeo Time Clock?

allGeo’s geofencing technology helps keep track of your field employees’ locations at all times. With allGeo, you can measure the exact amount of time employees spend at their assigned job sites. You can also get alerts when employees reach their assigned job site or travel outside of it or are running late. Monitoring is automatically turned off after work hours based on company policies and schedule, ensuring employee privacy.

Using allGeo, managers can plan the best route for their field employees and dispatch assignments to the employee’s app. During shift hours, the system automatically computes mileage, freeing the field employee from manually tracking miles to focus on the most important aspect of their job: customer service.

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allgeo with gusto time tracking allgeo with gusto time tracking