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Whether it’s a Facility Inspection workflow, EVV (Electronic Visit Verification) workflow, Custodial Management workflow, Fire & Safety workflow, Time and Attendance workflow, Mileage Tracking workflow or Scheduling & Dispatch workflow, you will find the workflows you need right here.

See the Workorder, Jobs & Case Assignment Workflow below.

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Workorder, Jobs and Case Assignment workflow


A home healthcare company of physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists who help patients with their medical and rehabilitation needs.

The old workflow

Scheduling and assignment of cases to therapists was complicated and error-prone for the company. Case load managers assigned patients to therapists based on their availability, skills and if they lived within 25 miles of the patient. Therapists could say yes or no based on their caseload. Due to lack of an integrated EMR and scheduling software, managers would individually call the therapists one-by-one and finalize the assignment using pen-paper. Therapist would accept their assignments, schedule the patient appointments and be involved throughout the discharge process. All these status updates would have to be manually logged by the office managers and recorded for compliance, payroll and billing purposes.

The allGeo workflow

Automation of the workflow starts with the dispatch of a patient (work order) to the therapist who matches the required criteria - lives within 25 miles of the patient, has the therapy skills, and is available.

The work order is broadcast to the allGeo mobile app of the selected therapists who qualify for the job. Therapists interact with the notification on their phone to accept / deny the request. If they chose to accept it, the patient is marked as ‘assigned’ and removed from the work list of other therapists.

Regular reminders are also sent to all relevant therapists if there are outstanding patient assignments which have not been accepted or scheduled.

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