Monitor field staff with the QR code based Time and Attendance workflow

With this time and attendance workflow, businesses can track their employees' attendance at job sites using QR scans and generate automated and customized reports for payroll, for clients and for measuring field performance.

See the workflow below.

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QR code Time and Attendance Workflow


A vegetation management company with hundreds of employees that have the knowledge and expertise in emergency tree services including hazardous removal, Detailed tree trimming and pruning, Utility Vegetation Management Services, Land Clearing and Air Spade Services.

The old workflow

With many employees in the field in different States at any given time, the company wanted a way to sign in their employees when they arrived at a job site and check them out at the end of the day. With their workforce consisting of regular employees as well as contractors, it was a challenge to manage employees day in and day out. They were signing in employees manually, computing work hours manually and uploading reports to the payroll system for processing. Using such an error-prone process made running their business difficult.

The allGeo workflow

The customer’s workflow was automated using the allGeo platform. Field staff are provided badges with their name, ID, classification and QR code. Supervisor scans the QR code ID card using the allGeo mobile app to check them in and check them out at the end of the day. In case of missed check-outs, the supervisor checks out the missed group of employees at the end of shift by selecting the “group check out” option on the mobile app.

The company uses allGeo’s QR code generator to generate QR codes for all the employees in a google sheet. The QR codes are then printed out in the badges provided to each employee.

As the supervisor scans each employee's card at the jobsite, information such as time and name of the site are captured automatically. The workflow is further automated by setting up alerts based on exception monitoring such as delay in employee arrival, employee absence and so on.

The time & attendance is logged in realtime to a file on Google drive. The file meets the import specification from the payroll platform (i.e. paycom) which makes it easy to directly import process payroll at the end of each day or payroll period. No more cumbersome paper trail to process or manage.

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