Abaqus integrates with Salesforce for seamless job assignments and recordkeeping

If you are a mid-size or enterprise company looking for an employee tracking, time tracking or task tracking solution, you can now work with Abaqus and Salesforce to deploy an integrated solution.

See the workflow below.

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Job assignments and Recordkeeping Workflow with Salesforce


A transportation/trucking/railroad company with hundreds of drivers that provides fast, reliable, next-day less-than-truckload (LTL) service.

The old workflow

The company was using manual methods to track their sales reps for time clock reports and payroll processing. All their customer information was in a Salesforce CRM and the process of getting job assignments to their reps was also manual as they did not have a way to automate the assignments from Salesforce.

The allGeo workflow

In the automated workflow, the company is able to pull customer/client information from Salesforce into the allGeo platform. They can then assign tasks for each client and dispatch the assignments to their field staff. As the task is performed and information is collected in the field, those customer visit logs can then be synced back into Salesforce, making sure all the field activity history remains intact in Salesforce, their database of record.

Time clock information is also automatically captured as the field staff install allGeo’s mobile app on their phones. Their time clock reports are more accurate now, making payroll processing a lot easier.

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