QR & Forms for Field Attendance, Employee Tracking & Inspection

Log all types of field activities using Mobile App

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QR Code Attendance Mobile App

QR Code

Create and Use Custom QR codes to Track Time, Attendance & Tasks.

Rich Media Data Collection

Log Field Activities using Notes, Mobile Forms, Barcode, Signatures & Photos

Works Offline

Supports No / Poor Network connectivity

Advanced QR Codes Features

  • Zero-touch time clock and QR scans to track site attendance, activity and tasks performed

  • Monitor employees in real-time using Geofencing around the facilities (Warehouse, Malls, Properties etc.)

  • Manage Inspections and Audits via Mobile App using Forms, Pictures, QR, Signatures

  • Easily assign QR Code based on Job-site, individual or a group

  • Trigger real-time alerts whenever Event is recorded e.g. QR Code is scanned, Job Site is entered

  • App works on all smartphones.

  • Offline support in areas with No/Poor connectivity

  • Get data in a customized reports for Analytics, Compliance

Smart Workflows for Exceptions Handling and Routing

Enforce business-specific conditional logic for all mission-critical data from the field. Automate exception handling and trigger alerts tailored to your operation’s needs. E.g. While collecting data from a plant floor, if boiler temperature in the plant is more than 50 degrees, send an immediate alert to the back-office Operations Center.

Integrate with All Leading Back-Office Systems

Feed collected mobile form data to your choice of ERP, CRM, HRM & SCM system with allGeo API for all payroll & auditing needs.

Leading Companies Trust allGeo to Optimize Field Operations

  • Property & Facility
  • Sales Rep
  • Healthcare
  • Trade Service
Global Property Maintenance Company

Provides specialized real estate, property & facility management services, has more than 230 offices, operates in 80 countries and approximately 60,000 Staffs.

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Apartment Rental Assistance Inc

A premier in providing rental and properties management services across the country. The company employs 700+ local crew members.

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A real estate development company specializing in bringing revitalization and development to New York & has acquired 7,289+ units of affordable housing.

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Crystal Janitorial

A full service maintenance contractor with its HQ in Silicon Valley & provides services to 5,000 Homes & 300 Buildings per Year.

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Sales Partnership, Inc

A Leading National Sales Outsourcing Firm based in Denver, CO, which provides solutions to small businesses, middle market firms, and global enterprises.

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A premiere internet service provider specializing in internet access products & cloud applications & the company employs 7,000+ staffs across worldwide.

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Centric Business Systems

Provides innovative hardware, software, workflow analysis, document management solutions etc. for offices & employs 500+ staffs.

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Solutions provider throughout the Midwest and East Coast in Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, Accounting / Finance.

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Blue Cross

The largest health insurer in Michigan, serving more than 4.5 million people in Michigan and 1.6 million people in other states and employs 8,100+ staffs.

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Rivercross Hospice

Evaluates and responds by offering the level of care that best meets the needs of each individual patient.

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Has been providing expert commercial painting & wall covering services since 1998.

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Raider Painting

Raider has been providing expert commercial and industrial painting services since 1983. They’ve worked on thousands of projects over 33+ years.

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Sure Fire Projection

Provides a wide range of fire protection services to construction customers including commercial, hospitals, high-tech clean rooms and tenant improvements.

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Windsor Steel Corporation

A leading custom steel fittings Manufacturer/ Distributor. Its customers include from one-man shops to multi-million dollars corporations.

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