QR & Forms for Field Attendance,
Task Tracking & Inspection

A smart & faster time clock software to track crews, allGeo transforms construction time tracking into an intuitive and simplified process. How? Using QR codes at job sites or equipment, managers can track employee hours, overtime, shift changes, mileage, equipment usage, tasks and adherence to safety protocols.

Workforce Management using QR Code

  • Employee Punch In/Out

    Manual timesheets are now history! Workers can scan QR code at the job site to punch in/out on their mobile or tablet. allGeo’s time clock system allows managers/ supervisors to check in employees, individually or as a group with advanced crew punching and GPS-tagged QR codes. This saves time, reduces errors, and boosts productivity. Employees can scan QR codes at the job site to punch in/out from their mobile or tablet.

  • Task Tracking

    When you have employees performing tasks out in the field, how can you monitor their progress? And how do you make sure that assigned tasks were completed, inspections were carried out or specific equipment use is logged?

    Now businesses can generate and assign QR codes to various tasks and then log their field staffs' activities as they scan QR codes at indoor or outdoor job sites. All these activities can be tracked in real time for immediate handling of exceptions.

  • Tool Verification

    Maintaining quality standards on job site equipment and materials just got easier! To ensure safety and proper equipment usage at job sites, you can now embed a maintenance website link in a QR code tag placed on heavy-duty and non-heavy-duty materials. This will help verify that the tools, equipment, and materials are being used appropriately to minimize errors.

Advanced QR Codes Feature

  • Zero-touch time clock and QR scans to track site attendance, activity and tasks performed
  • Easily assign QR Code based on Job-site, individual or a group
  • Monitor employees in real-time using Geofencing around the facilities (Warehouse, Malls, Properties etc.)
  • Manage Inspections and Audits via Mobile App using Forms, Pictures, QR, Signatures
  • Trigger real-time alerts whenever Event is recorded e.g. QR Code is scanned, Job Site is entered
  • Generate reports for time clock & tasks that can be edited & approved by manager before submitting to payroll or to other stakeholders
  • Offline support in areas with No/Poor connectivity
  • App works on all smartphones

Smart Workflows for Exceptions Handling and Routing

Enforce business-specific conditional logic for all mission-critical data from the field. Automate exception handling and trigger alerts tailored to your operation’s needs.

E.g. While collecting data from a plant floor, if boiler temperature in the plant is more than 50 degrees, send an immediate alert to the back-office Operations Center.

Integrate with leading back-office systems

Exchange data between allGeo and your payroll system, ERP, CRM, HRM or SCM systems using connectors and API's.

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  • allGeo ADP Gold Partner

    allGeo integrates with ADP Workforce Now(R) and ADP Workforce Now Next Generation and is available through ADP Marketplace.

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