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Improve accuracy of expense reports and reduce fraudulent claims by automatically tracking mileage and generating custom reports for payroll.

Track time and location of employees while they are out in the field for attendance verification.

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How does allGeo work


Automatic Mileage Capture

allGeo helps automate mileage tracking for payroll and reimbursement purposes. Once the employees clock in, the app starts capturing the mileage automatically and once the employees clock out, it stops recording the mileage.

It can be set up quickly and is a unique and powerful feature for field service businesses.

Accurate Mileage Tracking

Mileage tracking enables employees to reimburse mileage expenses based on actual distance travelled while in the field. The app records accurate mileage based on GPS data and provides complete visibility into routes travelled by field staff.

The app comes with strong security and privacy controls.



With advanced scheduling & assignment capabilities, managers can set up schedules in advance. You can set up and dispatch schedules in real-time while employees are in the field.

Rules and alerts can be set up to notify the employees once their new schedules are assigned.

Streamlined reporting & approval

When managing multiple employees, having a robust reporting & approval process helps you keep accurate and real time logs of each employee's mileage.

Enables the manager to reimburse their employees according to actual distance travelled during work hours.


HIPAA Compliance

allGeo protects PHI (protected health information) and PII (Personally identifiable information) in a secure environment which covers integrity controls, or measures put in place to confirm that ePHI is not altered or destroyed.

See how allGeo helps companies save time


Average cost savings per employee with allGeo’s mileage tracking app

2 Hrs

Average time saved per employee per month in filing reimbursements


of companies using allGeo report seeing more accurate mileage reports

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