Don't miss the Field Service Automation Wave

We believe that automation is beginning to disrupt and transform the field service industry. Companies are faced with a choice to adopt automation or risk staying with the status quo. Larger companies are looking for enterprise-grade Field Service Automation which addresses issues around compliance, data security, customization, integration and measurement of field performance.
Are you looking for an enterprise-grade field service solution that meets any of these requirements?
  • Enables you to customize your field service workflow to fit your requirements
  • Provides field operations with an SLA that gives you uninterrupted access to the service
  • Integrates with your other systems in your workflow such as Salesforce, ADP or Quickbooks
  • Measures field performance and identifies metrics that are not meeting your goals
  • Provides role-based access that can be mapped to your internal organization and teams
  • Protects your data to prevent unauthorized data access
  • Compliant with standards such as HIPAA and GDPR
  • Supports single-sign-on (SSO)

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Enterprise-grade Field Service Automation

The allGeo field service automation platform gives you an enterprise-grade solution that will:
  • Enable you to customize your field service workflow to fit your business needs
  • Integrate your field operations with any other system in your workflow
  • Measure field performance to identify gaps in your field operations
  • Provide 99.99% uptime as our solution is hosted on the AWS platform
  • Give you role-based access for your data
  • Protect your data through encryption of data at endpoints, at-rest and in-transit
  • Support single-sign-on (SSO) using industry standards
  • Provide a HIPAA and GDPR compliant solution

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Don't miss the Field Service Automation Wave

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