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AllGeo Launches Integration with Zapier to Help Field Service Businesses Automate their Workflows

Palo Alto CA, July 30 2019

AllGeo connects workforce management tools to 100s of applications, including popular apps such as Salesforce, Slack, Google Sheets, MS Dynamics, Bamboo, Paychex, ADP.


AllGeo (previously known as myGeoTracking), a leader in the automation of Field Service Automation (FSM), is excited to announce integration with Zapier, a middleware that helps the customer connect their field operations data to any back-office of their choice. With allGeo's 360o field service platform, Zapier and a catalog of business software apps, customers can automate their entire field-service workflow in a matter of days without needing a big in-house IT development team.

allGeo’s integration with Zapier is intended to help the many thousands of field service businesses that are undertaking their digital transformation journey today. These companies often run into two key challenges:

- How to improve their field operations using modern phones, apps, and data.
- How to integrate data and events from field activities into their day-to-day software systems and processes.

allGeo addresses the first challenge with a modern FSM platform that addresses their industry-specific operations workflow with scheduling, dispatch, field task logging, exception monitoring & reporting.

With its integration with Zapier, allGeo meets the second challenge by connecting and transferring information to and from any HR, HelpDesk, CRM, Scheduling and Payroll system. Depending on a customer's requirements, allGeo can create a custom workflow based on scheduled triggers Or ad hoc field event and user activities. These triggers can be connected with 3rd party business software to invoke actions such as ‘create new work order assignments for today’, ‘send attendance log for the last pay-period’, ‘create geofence for the new customer’, ‘update call center if an employee is late to assignment’ etc. Below are just some of the exciting ways customers can integrate Zapier, Salesforce, and the other tools they love to use. Access a full list here.

allGeo to Slack As field reps visit customers, they can quickly share their notes and customer visit information directly on their Slack sales channel with the click of a button. This is enabled using a "Zap" template to link allGeo and Slack. The notes shared in the notification can be customized to include time, geofence customer address, pictures, forms, etc.

allGeo to HR / CRM platforms By enabling integration to any HR / HCM platform, the manual and time-consuming onboarding of field reps can be transformed into a seamless process. The employee is added to the (e.g. Bamboo HR, Greenhouse) platform and the information is exported to allGeo along with their daily schedule. The employee is prompted to install the allGeo app and all onboarding forms are dispatched to the employee to complete the process. Forms are dynamically routed to the HR department by allGeo from the field.

allGeo to Google Sheets allGeo directly integrates with Google Drive to read and write field activities to Google spreadsheets. Smaller teams managing their daily scheduling of tasks or invoicing on spreadsheets (instead of a full-blown HR platform) can now completely automate their workflow.

The Zapier-allGeo partnership puts the power of field service automation in the hands of the customer. Businesses that use HR or Helpdesk software (Salesforce, MS Dynamics) and want to learn more about how allGeo integrates with these systems can contact us directly for a consultation. To see a list of allGeo's partnerships, click here (HR, Customer Support and CRM).

Visit for more information and to sign up for a free trial.

About Abaqus Inc, Inc., based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, carrier grade field service automation platform which helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees and assets, improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs. The allGeo platform enables automation solutions across a wide range of industries, from mobile field force companies, trade services companies, emergency responders and healthcare providers, to 3PL, transportation and freight brokering companies seeking driver and load management solutions and USPS contract support -- without any impact on their devices, service plans, or cell phone costs. Visit for more information.


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