Efficient Time Tracking Solution for Manufacturing Operations

Transform your field manufacturing operations with our time-tracking solution: Time Tracking, Clock-In/Clock-Out Automation, Job Scheduling, Payroll Integration and more for Efficient Workforce Management.

Time Tracking Solution for Manufacturing Operations

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Improve Manufacturing Operations Management

Automatic Time and Attendance
Automatic Time and Attendance

Ensure optimal attendance with no missed clock in or clock out.

Accurate Reporting
Accurate Reporting

Gain insights into field operations, employee burnout, and more

Pay Rate Management
Pay Rate Management

Auto-calculate compensation based on tasks performed and pay codes associated with fieldwork.

allGeo Time Tracking Technology



Create virtual perimeters around physical manufacturing units for accurate clock-in/clock-out monitoring. Keep your team safe and ensure they follow safety guidelines within designated areas.

qr code

QR Code

Elevate time and attendance tracking for manufacturing operations with allGeo's QR code system, integrated with GPS tagging. Customize QR code functionality for task tracking and attendance verification, indoors or on the factory floor.

IVR Text

IVR Text

In manufacturing fields with limited connectivity or using feature phones, simplify the process of capturing employee time and attendance through geotagged text messages or interactive voice response (IVR) phone calls. Customize language preferences for text and IVR command execution.

Mobile App

Mobile App

Enhance time tracking accuracy, eliminate manual errors, and boost efficiency with the allGeo mobile app, tailored for manufacturing. Workers can easily clock in and out, access work schedules and monitor hours worked using their mobile devices.

Manufacturing Workflow Management with Time Tracking Software

Accurately track field employees' time and attendance to optimize workforce productivity and mitigate burnout risks.

Manufacturing Time Tracking & Attendance Management

Implement automated clock-in and clock-out functionalities using geofencing technology, reducing 'forgot to punch' instances and preventing time theft.

Factory Time Clock System with Geofencing

Optimize resource allocation by scheduling jobs based on employee availability and skills, addressing talent shortages and minimizing over-hiring.

Smart Workforce Allocation

Increase productivity and task completion rates with automated alerts. For instance, set alerts for weather conditions to meet compliance needs and reminders for machine inspections, ensuring smooth operations.

Alerts and Reminders for Workflow Efficiency

Collect and map field data with precise geographic coordinates, reducing production downtime and improving operational efficiency.

Geo-tagged Field Data Collection for Inventory & Production

Access insights into employee performance and task efficiency. Use data-driven decisions to manage time effectively, prevent burnout, and foster a productive workforce.

Reports and Analytics for Workforce Productivity

Ready to experience the best time tracking for manufactury operations?

Advanced Features for Workforce Management in Manufacturing

Dynamic Job Costing

Dynamic Job Costing

Dynamic Job Costing

Customize pay rates for different job types such as work orders, product installations, or equipment use, ensuring accurate compensation.

Shift Management
and Allocation

GPS Time Clock App

Efficiently allocate shifts and manage workforce scheduling for manufacturing operations with an intuitive interface.

GPS Time Clock App
Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracking

Mileage Tracking

Incorporate automated mileage tracking seamlessly linked to supply chain operations, facilitating precise billing or expense management.

Payrate Automation

Payrate automation

Automate pay rates for diverse job types, ensuring accurate compensation within manufacturing operations, like shift differentials, overtime pay, etc.

Payrate automation

Easy integration

Easy integration

allGeo integrates with many commonly used payroll systems, so you do not need to manually import data into your payroll system which can often result in errors. In addition to direct exchange of data into your payroll system, you can export timesheets in any format—Excel, CSV, etc.

Easy integration
Safety Monitoring & Threat Escalation

Safety Monitoring & Threat Escalation

Safety Monitoring & Threat Escalation

allGeo integrates with many commonly used payroll systems, so you do not need to manually import data into your payroll system which can often result in errors. In addition to direct exchange of data into your payroll system, you can export timesheets in any format—Excel, CSV, etc.

Explore time-tracking workflow to improve your manufacturing operations efficiency

Explore time-tracking workflow to improve your manufacturing operations efficiency.

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*Published by Field technologies Online on August 31, 2022 https://www.capterra.com/p/142618/allgeo/reviews/

Frequently asked questions

Our software is tailored specifically for the manufacturing industry, offering features like real-time production tracking, equipment downtime monitoring, and batch production time tracking, which generic tools might not provide.

Yes, our software is designed to integrate with various systems including ERP and Payroll, ensuring smooth data flow and comprehensive production time management.

Our system employs geofencing and robust clock-in/clock-out features, ensuring precise time recording tied to specific locations, ideal for field employees.

We provide diverse pay rate management, workforce productivity analytics, and smart job scheduling to optimize labor costs and enhance productivity.

Yes, our shift management tools are designed to accommodate the unique demands of manufacturing operations, including scheduling, allocation, and tracking functionalities.

Real-time production tracking enables immediate insights into progress, allowing for agile decision-making, reducing bottlenecks, and enhancing overall workflow efficiency.

Absolutely, our resource allocation tools enable customization of pay rates based on work orders, installations, equipment usage, and piece rates, ensuring fair and accurate compensation for diverse tasks.

Our software provides supply chain time management features for streamlined operations and incorporates quality control time tracking to ensure adherence to industry standards and enhance product quality.

allGeo prioritizes compliance in manufacturing by employing real-time monitoring for environmental conditions like high temperatures. Our system triggers automatic alerts and can halt operations when conditions jeopardize employee safety. Geofencing and automated compliance checks further ensure adherence to regulations, minimizing human error.


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