Time Tracking Software for Construction

Streamline Construction Field Operations and Payroll with allGeo's End-to-End Solutions: Time Tracking, Location Tracking, Clock-In/Clock-Out Automation, Mileage Tracking, and Job Scheduling for Efficient Workforce Management.

Time Tracking Software for Construction

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Improve construction job-site management

Real-time GPS location tracking
Real-Time GPS Location Tracking

To avoid buddy punching

Automatic clock-in /clock-out
Automatic Clock-in /Clock-out

For accurate time and attendance

Mileage tracking

To manage business expenses with accuracy

Smart job scheduling
Job Scheduling

To assign tasks based on location and availability

allGeo Time Tracking Technology



Build virtual boundaries around a real-world geographic area to capture employee clock in/clock out time. Monitor field employee movement to ensure safety and operations within designated areas.


QR Code

allGeo’s QR code time tracking amplifies employees' time & attendance process with a GPS tag. Customize the QR code functionality for both task tracking and more precise attendance verification both indoor and outdoor.


IVR Text

In poor network areas or if using a feature phone, record employee’s time and attendance with geotagged text messages or IVR phone calls. Customize language for text and IVR commands.


Mobile App

Improve time tracking accuracy, reduce manual errors, and increase efficiency with the allGeo mobile app. Employees can clock in and out, view their work schedules, and track their hours worked using a mobile device.

Job site management with construction time tracking software

Efficiently track construction time, manage labor, and control costs with automatic clock in clock out.


Define from where your employees can Clock In/Out by setting up a geographical perimeter

Location Restricted Clock-in/out

Streamline crew check-in process, ensuring accurate attendance records and efficient coordination of workforce across job sites.

Crew Check-in

Set up and receive real-time notifications for employee lateness or early departure from job sites, ensuring task completion.

Alerts & Reminders

Capture more information using Notes, Tasks, Forms, Pictures, Signature, Scan and more!

Field Data Collection

Support in remote areas with No or poor connectivity. You’ll never miss a check-in!


Accurately track over-time and billable hours to streamline payroll and project costing.

Over-time and Billable Hours

Communicate with mobile employees in real-time via SMS, Email or App

Geo-Tagged Communication

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Optimized Construction Management Solutions

Dynamic Pay Rates

Dynamic Pay Rates

Dynamic Pay Rates

Manage compensation based on routes taken or hours worked, ensuring fair pay for varied job site complexities.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Comprehensive equipment inspection logs with forms and images for proactive maintenance and compliance.

Asset Management
Centralized Field Activity Tracking

Centralized Field Activity

Centralized Field Activity Tracking

Monitor real-time field activities—time, forms, QR codes, and photos—from a single platform, enhancing efficiency and accountability.

Insightful Reporting Tools

Insightful Reporting Tools

Access customizable reports for route efficiency, equipment conditions, and workforce productivity, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Insightful Reporting Tools

Easy integration


allGeo integrates with many commonly used payroll systems, so you do not need to manually import data into your payroll system which can often result in errors. In addition to direct exchange of data into your payroll system, you can export timesheets in any format—Excel, CSV, etc.

Explore time-tracking workflow to improve your construction operations efficiency

Explore time-tracking workflow to improve your construction operations efficiency.

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*Published by Field technologies Online on August 31, 2022 https://www.capterra.com/p/142618/allgeo/reviews/

Frequently asked questions

allGeo construction time tracking software enables efficient management of labor hours, project schedules, and workforce productivity. It ensures accurate timekeeping, aids in payroll management, and optimizes project timelines. By automating clock-in/clock-out processes, it streamlines operations, enhancing overall project efficiency.

allGeo seamlessly integrates with Viewpoint, streamlining construction management by syncing labor hours, project schedules, and crucial data. This, coupled with compatibility with tools like ADP, SAGE, and Deel, offers a comprehensive solution for efficient workforce and project management in the construction industry.

Construction scheduling software aids in efficient project planning, resource allocation, and task management. It enables optimized scheduling, allowing for better coordination among teams, reducing delays, and ensuring timely project completion.

A timesheet app or time clock for construction provides an automated and accurate method for tracking employee work hours, overtime, and billable hours. This ensures precise payroll processing, adherence to labor regulations, and effective cost management.

Dynamic pay rates allow for flexible compensation based on job site complexities or hours worked. This feature ensures fair remuneration, incentivizes efficient routes, and helps control costs while maintaining equitable pay scales for various tasks.

Asset management software facilitates comprehensive equipment inspection logs, including forms and images. This feature ensures proactive maintenance, compliance with safety regulations, and efficient asset utilization within construction operations.

When hours worked by employees in the field are captured accurately along with pay codes for the tasks they performed, that information can flow directly into payroll systems for accurate payroll processing. The same information can also be sent to accounting/ERP systems for accurate job costing.

Insightful reporting tools provide customizable reports on route efficiency, equipment conditions, and workforce productivity. These reports empower data-driven decision-making, offering valuable insights for optimizing project management strategies and resource allocation.

Yes, allGeo's construction time tracking software operates seamlessly in remote or low-connectivity areas. Its offline functionality ensures that employees can check in/out, capture essential data, and maintain productivity even without consistent network access, ensuring uninterrupted operations across diverse job sites.

Geo-tagged communication in construction management allows real-time interaction with mobile employees via SMS, email, or the app. This feature ensures efficient communication relevant to specific job sites, enhancing coordination, resolving issues promptly, and maintaining seamless workflow across the construction team.

Centralized field activity tracking consolidates real-time data on time logs, forms, QR codes, and photos within a single platform. This streamlined approach enhances accountability by ensuring accurate records of employee activities, boosts efficiency through data-driven decision-making, and facilitates better resource management throughout the construction process.


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