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Automate your field data collection workflow

Smart Form Customization

Smart Form Customization

Create forms that adapt to your needs. Whether it's surveys, inspections, or data capture, mobile Forms can be tailored for any purpose.

Real-time Data Sync

Real-time Data Sync

Collect data on the go, and watch as it seamlessly syncs to your central database in real-time—no more manual data entry.

Works Offline

Works Offline

Seamless operation even in areas with poor or no network connectivity, ensuring your team can work without interruptions.

Rich Media Data

Rich Media Data

Collect diverse data types, including tasks, notes, QR scans, signatures, and photo uploads, all within the same form.

Streamline your field data collection with allGeo

Time Tracking and Attendance

Route & Mileage Tracking

Simplify timekeeping with built-in clock-in/out functionality on mobile devices, ensuring accurate hours are logged.

QR / Bar Code

Analytics and Reporting

Mobile Accessibility

Conditional Logic

Geo Tagging & Timestamps

Pre-filled Forms

Alerts & Reminders

Route & Mileage Tracking

Achieve more with the allGeo field data collection app
We are here to simplify field data operations.

allGeo: All-in-One Mobile Data Collection Solution for Your Business

Boost Efficiency

Boost Efficiency

Say goodbye to paper forms and manual data entry. Smart Forms accelerates your data collection process, saving you time and money.

Improved Accuracy

Improved Accuracy

Eliminate errors and inconsistencies. With real-time validation and GPS integration, you can trust your data's accuracy.

Improved Customer Service

Customer Service

Access customer information before arriving on-site, enhancing service quality and customer satisfaction.

Enhanced Compliance

Enhanced Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations. Mobile Forms helps you stay on top of all requirements.

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Easy Payroll Integrations

Easy Payroll Integrations

allGeo simplifies the reimbursement processes by integrating with your payroll system making the process more accurate and faster. Eliminate the manual and time-consuming process of reconciling distance logs from the field for expense claim processing.

Easy Payroll Integrations

Frequently asked questions

The Smart Form feature in allGeo simplifies data collection with mobile forms. Unlike traditional paper forms methods, our mobile forms streamline field data collection, allowing users to capture and submit crucial information effortlessly.

The mobile forms in allGeo are designed for efficient field data collection. With our user-friendly app, field workers can easily input and submit data, eliminating the need for cumbersome paperwork and enhancing the speed and accuracy of data collection.

Absolutely! The Field Data Collection app by allGeo is versatile and ideal for conducting field surveys. Customize survey forms to gather specific information and insights, empowering your team to make informed decisions based on real-time data.

It saves time and reduces errors by pre-populating known data. This feature ensures that field workers have the right information at their fingertips, enhancing the speed of data collection and submission.

Our survey forms feature in allGeo is tailored to meet the unique needs of field surveys. Easily create, customize, and deploy survey forms to gather valuable insights, even in locations with limited or no internet connection.

Yes, allGeo's mobile forms support offline field data collection. Field workers can fill out forms in remote locations without an internet connection, ensuring that critical data is captured even in areas with limited connectivity. Data is stored locally and automatically synced when a stable internet connection is reestablished, preventing any loss of information.

Yes, allGeo provides extensive customization options for field surveys. Tailor survey forms to match the unique requirements of your business, ensuring that the data collected is aligned with your specific objectives and key performance indicators.

allGeo's mobile forms incorporate advanced geo and time-stamping features, ensuring the precision and reliability of location and time data associated with each form submission. This capability is crucial for businesses that require accurate tracking and documentation of field activities.

allGeo's Smart Mobile Forms empower field inspectors to streamline the inspection process. Capture and submit inspection data seamlessly, including photos and notes, improving the efficiency of field inspections and ensuring compliance.

Safety audits are made efficient with allGeo. Conduct safety inspections using customized forms, document potential hazards, and ensure compliance with safety protocols. The geo and time-stamped data collection adds an extra layer of accuracy to safety audit records.

Field sales representatives can optimize client interactions by using allGeo's Smart Mobile Forms to collect orders, gather client feedback, and update customer information. This ensures a streamlined and data-driven approach to field sales activities.

Certainly. allGeo facilitates the seamless integration of field data with other business systems, enabling you to centralize and analyze data effortlessly. Integrate with ease and leverage the full potential of your field data for business insights.

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