3 Ways Mobile Time Clock Saves Your Company Time

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3 Ways Mobile Time Clock Saves Your Company Time

You know better than anybody else how important it is to keep track of your valuable time.  That way, you can spend more time on high-value tasks and minimize your time spent on low-value tasks.  Implementing a feature such as mobile time clock with GPS will allow you to save time in three important ways so you can focus on the more important tasks at hand. 

Gathering Time Cards

The downside of having multiple locations is having to gather up multiple time cards.  If you’re only handling one location, this might seem trivial.  But keep in mind that every minute you spend doing low value tasks is a minute that could have been used for doing something much more high value. 

You have to physically gather up these time cards and put them in order.  You have to make sure they’re all oriented the same way.  Unless you’re sending the information to your payroll provider on the spot (digitally or via phone using a clock in clock out app), you need to store and transport these cards.  Do you keep them in a folder or tie them together with a rubber band?  While it’s unlikely you’ll misplace this information, there is still the possibility of it happening.  Is the time card area organized and easy for employees to keep their cards in one place?

With the mobile time clock feature, all of the potential issues mentioned above are completely eliminated.  That includes the need to travel to multiple locations to retrieve cards, the need to worry about cards misplaced by employees or yourself and the need to sort out all of the information once you’ve retrieved it.    The employees simply record their time using the clock in clock out the app from the phone and the system does all the smart work, it records the location and the time they clock in clock out and sends you the time and hours for payroll.  

Preparing Time Card Information for Payroll Company

Once you’ve taken the time to gather and sort out all of the time cards, it’s time to send the information over to your payroll services provider.  If you send your information via a dial-in phone system or a system that involves manually entering every data point, you might be investing too much time in something that could otherwise be streamlined for your convenience. 

With the mobile time clock feature, that digitally collects all time & attendance information, and the payroll reports automatically get processed in the back-end cloud-based mobile workforce management system.   And any modern mobile workforce management platforms link allgeo.com also provides other features such as real-time mobile workforce tracking for accountability & compliance, mobile time clock with gps and mobile time card to help employees clock in clock out and record their time and attendance.   These features can save thousands of dollars in payroll and all the headaches during the payroll week.

 Needless to say, all of the payroll information will be available when you sign in to access it.  And it’s easy to export so you can send it to your payroll provider. 

Tracking Long Term Attendance

Keeping long term records of time card information can be a huge task, even with the right clock in clock out  app.  If you’re manually entering the information in a spreadsheet, you need to compile every single set of timesheets you’ve ever done.  Think about how many sets of time cards you go through in a year.  If payday is once a week, that’s a total of fifty-two sets of entries.  Which means, if you have to move the information every time you enter all of it, you need to do so fifty-two times.  And, if it takes ten minutes to do, you’ve spent over eight and a half hours in the course of one year, which is longer than the average workday.

Or, you can utilize a mobile time clock app (installed on the employees’ smartphones) and allow it to keep track of all information automatically.  You’ll have easy access to the information in near real-time.  Most importantly of all, you’ve got yourself an extra eight and a half hours to dedicate to high-value tasks. 

allgeo.com  makes all of this possible and this is only one aspect of how our software can streamline your workflow to optimize the use of your valuable time.