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bizTeam from myGeoTracking is a 100% cloud based mobile workforce management tool to help you streamline operations and cut down cost with real-time employee location tracking and employee time clocking capabilities bundled under a single dashboard.

Implementing a “work from home” policy in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus has forced companies to send their onsite workforce home and has disrupted the status quo massively. They have to take a look at their “work from home” policies and how they can ensure that their workers can be productive in this new set up while being safe. This is an opportunity for all… Read More »

Property Management Apps: Key Benefits and Features to Look for when Deciding

Property management representatives in a variety of industries, such as real estate, facility management, storage management, commercial property management, have traditionally used paper forms to record their field activities, e.g. property evaluation forms, rental applications, contract agreements, and more. These methods have been prone to errors that only multiply as the use case becomes larger.… Read More »