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Simplifying OSHA Field Worker Compliance

As the scope of work and their supporting technologies are expanding, field employees are becoming an increasingly important component of work in a number of industries. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) strictly enforces a number of laws to protect the safety of field and lone workers. Apart from OSHA, some States also enforce their unique standards for a safe work environment.

Encouraging workplace safety is important and surely valued by most employers, but complying with these standards, rules, and regulations has challenged employers since they were first enacted.

Employers struggle with the tedious tasks required in meeting field worker compliance standards. Whether it be meeting lone worker safety requirements or checking work conditions for weather-related field worker requirements, keeping in constant communication with employees often enough to monitor changing conditions and collect safety updates is time-consuming on both employer and employee ends.

Closely and repeatedly monitoring (often multiple) off-site working conditions cause employers and managers to be more concerned with continually maintaining the status on non-job-related tasks and leave them unprepared to handle unexpected, on-site crises. Simultaneously worrying about the safety of your workers and your compliance with OSHA regulations can deplete resources and labor while drastically decreasing employer and employee productivity.

Powerful mobile applications allow you to automate your daily field service tasks. Managers and employees were once divided between maintaining communication and doing their work becomes, but this issue is resolved with pre-set alerts, in-app message, and real-time location tracking. This automation will noticeably simply the process of adhering to OSHA and state rules.

Mobile workforce management apps with specialized field and lone worker capabilities can provide a variety of functions that help your business with compliance. They can send alerts throughout the day reminding employees to take mandatory breaks. In the hotter months, some states offer stricter guidelines for heat-related working conditions. These regulations require greater contact and communication that employers can streamline through in app abilities.

For example, based on California law, field workers must take a mandatory break totaling 10 minutes within the two hours that the temperature reaches 95 degrees. When the temperature threshold is passed, an automated alert can be sent to employee phones informing them that they need to take their required breaks.

allGeo goes beyond compliance to prioritize worker safety, cut costs for employers, and boost productivity by streamlining communication.

allGeo is a cloud-hosted, carrier-grade location and messaging platform that helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees by improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs with solutions such as GPS tracking & time clock, Lone worker safety, Automation of field activity monitoring, Mobile forms & data collection including signature, notes, pictures, barcode/QR code etc. The allGeo platform enables these solutions across a wide range of industries such as field service management, trade services, emergency responders, sales reps, transportation & logistics, and home health care providers.

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