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Load Tracking & Verification of Load Delivery are two of the most important responsibilities for a Shipper,  Freight Broker, and 3PL Company.  These businesses stake their reputation on their ability to get the right goods to their customers, on time and in good condition.

Tracking & documenting delivery, while combatting driver identity and load theft,  has become critical in this highly competitive industry.  The allGeo Load Tracking Solution offers Proof-of-Delivery over any mobile phone as part of an end-to-end (mobile & web) solution that can be essential for operations improvement and happy customers.

  • Works on almost any phone without requiring the driver to install an app

  • Driver/load location tracking (both scheduled auto-tracking and “see it now” location)

  • ETA alerts and stoppage alerts

  • Custom alerts and status reports to the in-house team & your customers

  • Activity & status reports

  • GPS-tagged photo capture for POD and driver identity verification (new feature)

  • Text and IVR-based driver communications and POD notification

  • Strong privacy controls for drivers

  • Optional Smartphone App with QR code/barcode scanner and signature capture

These capabilities have proven to be critical for companies who use 3rd party drivers for their hauls and are not in a position to dictate the installation of expensive in-cab equipment, smartphone apps, and telematics devices.

allGeo has recently added the ability to take a picture with any kind of flip phone and smartphone and have it be delivered with a valid time, date and GPS stamp to the back-office for appropriate reporting and processing.

Using Cellular-network location or GPS data, freight and delivery companies can provide automatic verification that a delivery was made, as well as document the condition of the goods and generate all necessary invoices and receipts.

With real-time proof-of-delivery, all parties involved come out ahead:   the Customer gets their goods on time, the Driver proves the delivery and documents receipt for efficient invoicing & payments, and the transportation company reduces the overhead of monitoring/verification associated with paper-driven processes which are inherently slow and error-prone.

All the captured data (messages, photos, text dispatches, location data, etc.) is tied back to the driver’s load details on the allGeo system.   The system generates custom reports which can then help the back-office reconcile their billing and insurance coverage with reduced delays in addition to providing real-time updates to their own customers. There are other side benefits of reducing the cost associated with fuel, more efficient use of driver’s time and increased on-time rate, a potential decrease in insurance premium, reduction in chargebacks due to auditable records of delivery, etc.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Rapidly provision 3rd party drivers with strong privacy controls

  • No CAPEX on in-cab equipment and expensive phones

  • Works on most phones in the US (over 98%) with no-app

  • Supports text messaging & photo messaging for Proof-of-Delivery

  • Every message is date & GPS-stamped

  • Speed up the Billing Process by rapid invoicing

  • Reduce Customer Disputes and Complaints

  • Reduce Chargebacks

  • Improve Insurance Rates

  • Save on Fuel & Labor by efficient just-in-time tracking & delivery

  • Increase Productivity & ROO

  • Happy Customers 🙂

Please send us an email at sales@abaq.us if you are interested in an app-based solution, and go here to try the service yourself.

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