How to choose the best type of GPS solution for your business

Businesses are under a lot of pressure from changes in how the economy functions. The recent Coronavirus outbreak accelerated trends in decentralization of company organizations, moving away from the Central Office structure and towards more employees functioning on a Work from Home or Remote Worker basis. This brings some benefits – reduced costs for commercial… Read More »

Data Security & User Privacy – Two critical pillars of modern Enterprise SaaS Platforms for Field Service Management

Data Security & User Privacy – Two critical pillars of modern Enterprise SaaS Platforms for Field Service Management You have seen the Zoom CEO’s thoughtful message recently when their security & privacy shortcomings were brutally exposed by hackers who were able to break into Zoom meetings with ease. This story highlights the emphasis that all… Read More »

WELL & LEED certification: The new challenges facing Facilities Management businesses

The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need for Facilities management companies to reconsider their approach towards the inspection of buildings and the environment within these buildings. Facilities management companies have always been inspecting and checking buildings to ensure compliance with certain standards or checklists. But now, the burden on Facility management companies is going up… Read More »

Customization and Measurement of Field Service Workflows

Enterprise companies are facing a real challenge in the age of field service automation. Their challenges are unique. Let’s take a look at what these challenges are. The field service workflow can be quite complex with a number of different steps. We have identified these key steps: Scheduling assignments, work orders, and employee shifts. Usually… Read More »

How the Coronavirus pandemic impacts healthcare facilities

With the widespread transmission of Coronavirus around the world, and the stress its putting on hospital resources, the condition of the facilities where treatment and testing takes place requires close attention. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has published a checklist for healthcare facility preparedness that is a guideline for hospitals to follow so that… Read More »

Implementing a “work from home” policy in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus has forced companies to send their onsite workforce home and has disrupted the status quo massively. They have to take a look at their “work from home” policies and how they can ensure that their workers can be productive in this new set up while being safe. This is an opportunity for all… Read More »