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Mobile Time Clock: Manual vs Automatic

Any business looking for a mobile time clock solution will find many companies offering solutions for field employees to clock in and clock out using their mobile App. This requires employees to manually clock in using their Apps at the right time so that time and attendance information is accurately captured.

For field employees who clock in and out using their Apps, it is a tough ask to have them remember to do this every time they start or finish a job, especially when they are visiting many sites in the field every day. One mistake can mess up the estimation of the time they spent at a job rendering the whole time and attendance process ineffective.

allGeo  has pioneered a smarter mobile time clock solution that is “zero-touch”, which means that there is NO need for any manual entry while clocking in or out. The App runs in the background while automatically clocking in and out the employee when they start or finish their job. This requires the App to have knowledge of the various job sites which can be automatically uploaded into the allGeo system.

As you can imagine, this solution is highly accurate and does not require any manual action from the field employees. Check out our earlier blog “Realizing the elusive goal of Automatic Time Clocking with Strict Privacy Controls” to learn more about other aspects of this solution.

The possibility of accurate information collection from the field while requiring minimal interaction for the field employees creates cost savings by reducing work disruption, data correction overhead and employee training budget. This information when captured and integrated into back-office payroll systems such as QuickBooks creates a truly efficient payroll solution for a Company’s mobile workforce. This is the new generation of mobile time clock solution that businesses must adopt to gain a competitive advantage.

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