How Home healthcare businesses can control rising mileage costs

By | July 16, 2020

Control rising mileage costs with allGeo

The exponential growth of home healthcare services is presenting some new challenges to businesses. How do they monitor and track their field staff for patient attendance? How do they appropriately reimburse caregivers for the mileage so as to not run afoul of labor & tax laws. How can they optimize their field operations to reduce cost?

Mileage is a growing expense since many of the field staff drive their own vehicles and need to be reimbursed for the many miles they drive to visit patients. Businesses are becoming aware that mileage costs are eating into their profit margins. Known as payroll ‘slippage’, it is estimated that field service businesses lose an average of 6.1% in inaccurate and fraudulent claims every year.

Manually recording Miles is Error Prone: So how does a business solve this issue? First of all, they need a way to track their staff when they are out in the field and measure their mileage automatically taking into account traffic conditions, re-routes etc..  Depending on manually entered mileage reports is both inaccurate and hard for employees to keep track of. Secondly, if managers have good field information, they will be able to make better decisions about scheduling their field staff to jobs closer to their location, and recommend optimal driving routes thereby minimizing the miles they need to drive.

Tracking Mileage needs strong Privacy Controls: To enable mileage tracking using allGeo, the field staff downloads the allGeo app on their smartphones. Employees clock-in to start their day and start recording their miles. Mileage is tracked automatically for the field staff as they drive to visit patients. The app automatically shuts down the tracking when the employees clock out. It’s that simple.  Managers can quickly generate mileage reports within the allGeo platform.  Reports are also visible to the employees in the allGeo app on their phones.

Mileage tracking reports help managers get information in real time



Mileage tracking reports help managers get information in real time

allGeo | Mileage tracking for segments between job sites

Mileage tracking for segments between job sites

Segment Miles between Job Sites: For more granular reporting on mileage, allGeo uses Geofencing technology to track employees as they go from site to site. Geofence creates a virtual perimeter/fence around a particular location on a map. The location can be any area of interest such as your office, home, warehouse, customer place, job sites and more.  By marking the area on a map, you can automatically monitor activity such as entry, exit and the time spent inside the area. Furthermore, if the drive from one job site to the second job site is 50 miles away, you will be able to automatically track & verify that.

Home healthcare providers need to adopt technology that helps them run their business more efficiently. The benefits of mileage tracking and mileage optimization far outweigh the investment in acquiring and deploying this kind of technology. Are you ready to take the next step to control your rising mileage costs?

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