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Field service companies have a unique payroll challenge. Most of their employees are in the field and turn in their hours which have to be manually validated before being entered into their payroll system. Secondly employees need to be regularly onboarded and new customer job sites need to be added in real time. Abaqus’ integration with Gusto, a platform for payroll, benefits and HR processing, solves this problem by making it easier for field service businesses to provision employees, sites and tasks while making it easier to collect time attendance logs from the field for seamless payroll processing.

Abaqus’ allGeo platform makes it easy for businesses to track field staff without the need for them to check in and out of job sites. Field work hours are automatically calculated by  allGeo based on daily work schedule, presence at geofenced job sites and automatic deductions based on company policies. And now with the Gusto integration, the highly accurate time attendance reports can be directly imported into Gusto for error-proof payroll processing.

Abaqus’s integration with Gusto enables customers to seamlessly import their time clock data into Gusto, reducing errors while saving them significant time and effort. The allGeo-Gusto workflow looks like this:

  • Onboard employees by automatically synching users between Gusto and the allGeo platform
  • Import jobs & work orders schedules from Gusto into the allGeo platform. Job data includes sites, tasks and compensation rates.
  • Monitor field activities, raise alerts on exceptions, and record attendance hours & jobs-related data from the field with allGeo.
  • Export time clock reports with regular or overtime calculations and compensation from allGeo to Gusto.

The integration with Gusto highlights how two powerful platforms can come together to make it easier for customers to create an integrated field operations workflow – from scheduling in the back office TO monitoring & collecting data in the field TO verification & submission for payroll processing – and greatly streamlining their payroll and productivity through automation.

About Gusto

Gusto is a modern, online people platform that helps small businesses take care of their teams. In addition to full-service payroll, Gusto offers health insurance, 401(k)s, expert HR, employee self-onboarding, and team management tools. The company serves over 100,000 businesses nationwide and has offices in Denver, New York City, and San Francisco.

About allGeo

Abaqus, based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, low-code / low-IT field service automation platform that helps midsize and Enterprise businesses achieve field service excellence. The allGeo platform helps businesses customize and automate their field service workflows to better manage and optimize their operations, field employees & assets.  With allGeo, Field service businesses can significantly reduce payroll and operations costs while improving productivity and accountability.  The allGeo platform hosts a suite of turnkey apps that can be rapidly deployed in a wide range of industries e.g. Scheduling, Time Clock, Tracking & Monitoring, Mileage, Dispatch, Electronic Visit Verification, Lone Worker Safety, and Field Inspection using QR / mobile forms. Visit www.allgeo.com for more information.

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