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What is Geofencing and How it can Streamline Your Field Operations

What is a Geofence?

A Geofence is a virtual boundary around a predefined real-world area of interest. A virtual perimeter (geofence) can be put up using a geofencing software.

Geofencing is a location-based service that can be used for a lot more than just tracking. Here are some of its possible applications and use cases:

Service Worker Geofencing

Modern workforce management tools such as allGeo use a combination of GPS, cellular data, and WiFi signals to accurately detect time-clocking activities. This helps with in-visit verification of a worker on a job site, eases attendance verification, and enhances the accuracy of billing employee work hours.

Workflow Automation

Geofencing can help automate operations workflow using rules and triggers. Very few modern tools, like allGeo, support custom work rules that leverage geofencing to automate your business operations.

Vehicle and Load Tracking

Good service and timely deliveries make a huge difference in load transportation business. Do not forget to go an extra mile for the security of high-value, high-risk and time-sensitive freight. A geofence, in this case, helps you to know when a driver is close to the destination or is heading where they shouldn’t. Monitor time spent at a location and alert drop locations of an incoming arrival. Say goodbye to “Give me a call when you get there”.

Customer Experience

Geofencing can also boost the positive side of your customers’ experience by allowing fleet management to understand which assets are in a particular area and therefore, with additional statistics and information, directing the assets to meet customer demands. This helps companies to better serve the existing as well as potential new customers and enhance customer experience.

Geofence for Marketing

Creating location-based geofenced marketing campaigns can truly transform all facets of your business. Serving ads and other promotional content to individuals while they are at the geofenced location and after they leave. Ads can also be set up to send phone messages to consumers who happen to be passing their preferred retail stores. This strategy increases brand awareness and can reduce the cost of marketing considerably.


allGeo is a cloud-hosted, carrier-grade location and messaging platform that helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees by improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs with solutions such as GPS tracking & time clock,  Automation of field activity monitoring, Mobile forms & data collection including signature, notes, pictures, barcode/QR code, etc. The allGeo platform enables these solutions across a wide range of industries such as field service management, trade services, emergency responders, sales reps, transportation & logistics and home health care providers.

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