Geofencing and QR Code used to enhance Time-Clocking, Workforce Monitoring and Field Status Updates

allGeo Mobile App allows users to record time & attendance within Geofenced job sites.  The app also supports GPS-tagged QR Codes for time-clocking inside bigger indoor venues along with workforce accountability tracking and automation

Setting up the Job sites

The Company’s operations managers can use various web tools to create QR codes for their job site properties (or building floors). These QR codes can then be attached to the properties and scanned by security personnel to create attendance records during their daily rounds.  Here are a few resources on how to generate a QR code:

Website to generate a QR Code:

Generate QR Code in Google Docs:

Field Employees

  1. The user can check-in / check-out from any building by simply clicking
  2. The app will automatically geotag the check-in with the job site address
  3. In addition, the user can also pick a task from a dropdown list in the app
  4. The user can also append a Note to this checkin
  5. The Note can be a text message, photo or a QR code scan

Combining Geofencing with QR code provides the most effective, cost-efficient solution for field personnel management & time-clocking. Given the savings associated with such an automation system (thousands of dollars per year per employee), it is worth the time of an Operations manager to review and pilot a solution from known vendors. The technology pays for itself in a matter of months.