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Is the current pandemic putting additional pressure on your Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) workflow? With the increasing complexity of managing personnel in the field, the quality of care vs safety of employees vs cost is a big concern for many healthcare leaders. 

Modern Field Service Platforms can help automate critical aspects of care management workflow, improve quality of care, reduce fraud and improve the billing process. 

The allGeo platform provides enterprise-grade solutions such as:

  • Scheduling service requests based on care-cordinator’s location, caseload, skills etc.
  • Electronic data collection with custom forms, signature, scans, pictures via a secure mobile app
  • Member site visit logs with GPS verification, plans-of-care form for EVV compliance 
  • Mileage tracking for expense reporting and billing 
  • Lone-worker-safety workflow to ensure that workers are safe in any remote location
  • Performance measurement to identify & fix critical gaps in care delivery

These solutions are hosted on top of the allGeo Enterprise platform with capabilities such as HIPAA compliance, identity management via SSO, high availability (99.99% uptime), API / Connectors for integration with case management systems, Analytics & Reporting.  

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