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Electronic Visit Verification App for Home Care business – What to look for_

There is an increasing pressure to prevent fraud and states are moving forward towards verifiable proof for the Medicare reimbursements.  The recently passed bill, the 21st Century Cures Act, encourages the state agencies to implement electronic visit verification system (EVV System) for personal care services and home health care services under Medicaid.

The term ‘Electronic Visit Verification’ with respect to personal care services or home health care services, is a system under which visits conducted as part of such services are electronically verified with respect to

          1. The type of service performed

          2. The member receiving the service

          3. The date of the service

          4. The location of service delivery

          5. The care provider responsible for the service

          6. The time the service begins and ends

While electronic visit verification system helps state agencies verify visits and prevent fraudulent claims, the EVV system also presents a unique opportunity for the care providers to boost their bottom line. Picking the right solution is the key!  A modern mobile workforce solution like allGeo helps you do more than just verify visit – it can help you cut down on payroll and mileage costs, boost productivity, automate business process and operation workflow, monitor safety and security of caregivers, and much more.

In our previous post, we covered the various type of EVV systems in the market that can help you with the compliance requirements.  Here are the some of the features/capabilities of a modern EVV solution.

App-based Workforce Solution for Home Care Businesses

The declining popularity of the landline telephony systems and increasing adoption of the mobile phones make mobile technology-based EVV solution an ideal choice for your business.  EVV system based mobile technology use the underlying capabilities of mobile devices (phones and tablets) like sensors, mobile apps, text messages and cloud technology etc.  Such systems are future-proof as they get better as the technology evolves.

The modern EVV solution for all types of caregivers uses the app on the mobile devices, specifically smartphones and tablets.  Most modern mobile devices have GPS chips for location-based services.

Electronic visit verification via GPS tracking and geofencing provides you with a holistic solution to manage your mobile caregiver teams.

Geofence and GPS-based Visit Verification

Geofences, also known as geozones, are virtual perimeters around a predefined area on the map. For health care and home care services, geofences can represent the client’s place (care recipient’s address) and/or business offices.

By setting up geofences for all your clients’ addresses, a modern EVV system like allGeo can automatically record the visits made, the time of visit and the duration, and the service performed.

Geofence-based EVV works automatically!  It requires no interaction from the end-user – the caregiver – so no training or learning curve hassles.  The system automatically detects the caregiver’s presence in the client’s address and records visits.  It provides an error-proof visit audit log, leaving no room for or any “fraudulent practices” such as clients dialling in (IVR based EVV) for their caregiver.

Geofence-based EVV allows you to do more than just verify visit!  The technology helps you automate day-to-day operations, such as routing, attendance (number of visits, time, duration), monitor exceptions (missed visits, delay) and more.   Below are some of the use-case possibilities.

Driving Directions and Routing

With geofenced client addresses, the caregivers can easily retrieve their scheduled visits for the day, get driving directions and routing information directly via the EVV app.  This helps boost productivity and saves time and payroll costs.

Automatic Mileage Tracking and Reporting

The EVV app tracks total miles driven by each caregiver along with the site break-down for billing.

Caregiver Safety Monitoring and Alert Escalation

Geofences help detect the caregiver’s visits. The system can be setup with a custom workflow to monitor their safety and trigger alerts if any threat arises.  For example, if it’s more than 10 minutes into their visit, the system can be setup to send out a text requesting the caregiver to confirm their safety (example: Are you Ok?). Based on the response (or no response) the system can automatically escalate the issue as per the defined workflow – like a phone call to the caregiver, if no response, alert to the manager, and even 911 based on the location.

Job-dispatch/Operations Automation Workflow

With real-time caregiver location and client addresses, the system can be setup to automate operations workflow based upon any real-world event involving people (caregiver), place (client address), and time.  Example:  Automatically dispatch next job assignments or any contextual reminders caregiver-based custom rules involving time and place (client visit address).

To sum things up, a holistic EVV solution can help you do more than just verify visits.  A modern workforce management system for you home care business presents you with the opportunity to cut down costs, streamline operations and boost productivity, while helping you comply with EVV mandate.

Click here to try allGeo’s Automatic Electronic Visit Verification System.  If you’re looking for an EVV solution for your agency talk to our EVV expert today!

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