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How Investing In Safety & Compliance Solutions Can Save You More Than It Will Ever Cost

Several federal and state laws hold businesses accountable for the well being of their employees. While successful businesses are dedicated to employee safety, many still view measures taken to protect employees as a financial burden. We challenge business owners and decision makers to change the misconception that compliance is a superfluous cost, and instead embrace the tangible savings of compliance as a return on investment (ROI).

Having a compliance solution that works for your business can help you:

Avoid Legal Fees

The chance of entering a lawsuit due to a compliance mistake can pose thousands of dollars in costs for your business. Legal fees can quickly pile up. Consequential reputation damage can have costly effects on your business as trust and goodwill is lost.

Dodge Costly Fines

A breach in compliance can happen on a number of levels. Whether a violation is made on the state, federal, or industry level, subsequent fines can be expected. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) agency enforces statutes and regulations that many industries abide by. A serious violation can result in a fine of up to $7,000. A repeat violation costs $70,000. While, a fatal incident can reach a fine of $500,000. Ensuring safety and compliance within all compliance requirements your business is subject to will save up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

OSHA states 1915.84(a) (1) “Throughout each work shift at regular intervals appropriate to the job assignment to ensure the employee’s safety and health; and”1915.84(a) (2) “At the end of the job assignment or at the end of the work shift, whichever occurs first.” 1915.84(b) “The employer shall account for each employee by sight or verbal communication.” Smartphone applications can support the stringent communication requirements OSHA holds employers accountable for. In addition to physically tracking the location of the lone worker, these applications allow for many methods of instant communication. Text and voice messages allow for easy, consistent contact between employers and lone workers that fulfills OSHA standards for communication at regular intervals.

Workforce management apps can almost completely automate safety and compliance tasks in line with NIOSH and OSHA instructions. With situations similar to those employers face in the state of California, advanced workforce management apps can send alerts to employees when the temperature reaches 95 degrees. Employees are then notified to take the required break time within a two-hour period. Employer and employee productivity is increased as each party does less to ensure that workers are safe in their work environments and employers are complying with state and federal laws and recommendations.

Compliance Should be Scalable

As companies grow, they become more vulnerable to disaster when compliance standards are violated. Already costly fees multiply the larger businesses become. Your compliance system should be able to expand with your company across work sectors and geographically across borders.

Compliance as an Opportunity for Growth

A lack of compliance-related incidents creates an encouraging environment for business while avoiding a loss in productivity and money. Putting a relatively small amount of funding into a strong and efficient compliance system allows your business to keep doing what it is meant to instead of dealing with the lengthy hassles of possible compliance breaches.


allGeo is a cloud-hosted, carrier grade location and messaging platform that helps SMB and Enterprise businesses better manage their mobile employees by improving productivity and accountability, while reducing payroll and operations costs with solutions such as GPS tracking & time clock, Lone worker safety, Automation of field activity monitoring, Mobile forms & data collection including signature, notes, pictures, barcode/QR code, etc. The allGeo platform enables these solutions across a wide range of industries such as field service management, trade services, emergency responders, sales reps, transportation & logistics and home health care providers.

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