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The medical services industry is at present on the cusp of innovation. Technology is driving new developments such as e-consultations, telemedicine, real-time diagnosis, predictive analytics all of which will drive the healthcare services industry to provide better quality of care and improved efficiency.  

Owing to this, the home healthcare industry too is going through a period of transition. It’s driven by new guidelines, new technologies and extreme market competition. Electronic Visit Verification, or EVV which is fast becoming a compliance requirement mandated by the states, is putting pressure on home healthcare companies to comply or face fines. But the upside is that adopting EVV can fundamentally transform home healthcare businesses. EVV adds proficiency, speedier payment processes, takes into consideration better coordination of care, verification of care delivery, and then some.

EVV was introduced to cut down on the  billions of dollars in fraud and ensure that home healthcare businesses provide proper documentation and proof-of-service for claims reimbursement. Therefore it is no surprise that states like  Florida, South Carolina, Illinois, Tennessee, and Texas have already made EVV compliance mandatory. The most astute move a home healthcare business can make currently is to embrace EVV without hesitation.

Many home healthcare businesses have already started adopting EVV. And they are quickly seeing the benefits of doing so. A capable Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) system is essential to keep a track of the care delivery services on location with clients and patients. EVV can bring benefits to home healthcare businesses, In-home care agencies as well as other care providers. An EVV System can help in the digital verification of the visits as outlined in the care plan, automating time and attendance of caregivers and providing a paperless, digital means to record the type of care and services provided to the client.

A good EVV solution built to support mobile workers  is designed for both the caregiver and business owners or managers. For caregivers, it can help them become more efficient with their time by eliminating the need for paper timesheets and verification of the visit to the location via Geofencing technology. It will also provide real-time feedback on client visit verification and enables caregivers to capture additional information via the digital forms on a mobile app.  For the business owner, mobile technology will give you instant visibility with customized forms and reporting, monitoring the status of all jobs in real-time and allowing instant communication with their field staff.

Every business has a unique workflow or process that they use to run their operations. Adopting an EVV platform that brings automation of workflows brings added benefits, for example, the ability to automatically assign and complete actions in the field by creating a set of triggered actions and the required context to complete each task.  The predefined or custom triggers can consist of a combination of a calendar event, alarm clock, location-based alerts, or real-time notifications. Based on a real-time trigger, the system will assign tasks to the field operator with all the information needed to complete that task right within the notification. Addressing these kinds of complex workflows could eliminate many manual tasks, leading to greater efficiency and productivity for the business.

Home healthcare organizations that don’t take on technologies for EVV compliance right now, will find it challenging to stay ahead of the competition. Utilizing advanced technology is critical for organizations to remain competitive and boost future growth. EVV is one such technology whose adoption is a necessity today.

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