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How to Track Attendance with QR Codes

Are you worried about your employees’ attendance in the workplace? Perhaps you’d like to know exactly how many people actually show up for work every day, or perhaps you’d like to reduce staff absenteeism and leave a paper trail of proof of attendance.  This is why attendance tracking is a critical aspect of employee management.… Read More »

How GPS time clock can help in reducing time theft

 Introduction  Over the years, you must have come across the term ‘time theft’. Organizations didn’t know this existed until it started to impact their business. According to the American Payroll Association “ Over 75% of firms suffered monetary losses from buddy punching.   But, what exactly is time theft? In the definition, time theft is the… Read More »

5 reasons why job scheduling is crucial for your business?

For a manager, assigning or understanding the team’s task holds the utmost importance. As a company’s success depends on your team’s KPIs and their daily performance, this is where the work schedule comes in.  Working on employees’ schedules can be tiresome, especially if you manage your employees through multiple job sites. You have to get… Read More »

5 Benefits of a Geofence Time Clock

The geofence time clock is a mobile app that uses GPS to track employee clock in and out times. Now you can track the exact times of your employees’ entry and exit, as well as their time at the site. The application will send an alert when the employee enters a pre-defined zone, and record… Read More »

What is Electronic Visit Verification(EVV)?

Introduction Home Healthcare businesses face unique challenges like fraud claims, care coordination, and more. While they face complex scheduling and field management challenges, they also face razor-thin margins due to the nature of their business.  To overcome these challenges in home healthcare, electronic visit verification has been introduced in the healthcare industry. Electronic Visit Verification(EVV)… Read More »