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Using QR codes for employee and task tracking

Many businesses rely on paper records to track field employees who are involved in inspection, maintenance and field work.  Keeping track of employee hours in the field, tasks they are performing, and equipment they are using can be daunting. The maintenance of job records is labor intensive and complex. Improving employee time, task and equipment… Read More »

Gusto and Abaqus Announce Integration

Field service companies have a unique payroll challenge. Most of their employees are in the field and turn in their hours which have to be manually validated before being entered into their payroll system. Secondly employees need to be regularly onboarded and new customer job sites need to be added in real time. Abaqus’ integration… Read More »

A comprehensive facility inspection service is the need of the hour

Facility inspection has become a lot more complex with the advent of COVID. Customers of facility management companies are asking for more rigorous inspections along with documentation and proof of service. Most facility management companies have some sort of inspection protocol in place but now they need to take it to the next level. How… Read More »

How to choose the best type of GPS solution for your business

Businesses are under a lot of pressure from changes in how the economy functions. The recent Coronavirus outbreak accelerated trends in decentralization of company organizations, moving away from the Central Office structure and towards more employees functioning on a Work from Home or Remote Worker basis. This brings some benefits – reduced costs for commercial… Read More »