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If you are a mid-size or enterprise company looking for an employee tracking, time tracking or task tracking solution, you can now work with Abaqus and Salesforce to deploy an integrated solution.

Every field service workflow starts with a customer database, job assignments to field staff based on many criteria, tracking or monitoring field visits, collection of data and information at the job site, syncing all the information into the database and generating reports for payroll and other stakeholders. Businesses have a choice to use different apps for each of these steps or use one app or platform that can support all these capabilities. allGeo was designed as a platform to support every key step in the workflow. In addition to having these capabilities, since each business has its own workflow, they need to be able to configure or customize their workflow to meet their specific requirements. For example, many field service businesses use Salesforce as their CRM and they need their field workflow to integrate with their CRM. For these businesses, their CRM is usually their database of record and they need to be able to drive their field workflow from their CRM. As they would prefer to use one platform to do that rather than a mix of apps that do not usually talk to each other.

Is Salesforce the CRM you are using today? If so, it is probably your database of record. Now you can drive your field workflow from Salesforce. With allGeo’s integration with Salesforce, you can use the allGeo platform to pull customer information from Salesforce into the platform. You can then assign tasks for each client or customer in Salesforce and dispatch the assignments to your field staff from within the allGeo mobile app. As the task is performed and information is collected in the field, those customer visit logs can then be synced back into Salesforce, making sure all your field activity history remains intact in Salesforce, your database of record.

This integration makes it possible for customers to seamlessly use the allGeo platform with Salesforce, making it easier to deploy a complete digital workflow for field sales rep management.

This is what a allGeo-Salesforce automation workflow would look like

allGeo integrates with Salesforce to streamline field operations

About allGeo

Abaqus, based in Silicon Valley, CA, is a leading provider of cloud-hosted, low-code / low-IT field service automation platform that helps midsize and Enterprise businesses achieve field service excellence. The allGeo platform helps businesses customize and automate their field service workflows to better manage and optimize their operations, field employees & assets.  With allGeo, Field service businesses can significantly reduce payroll and operations costs while improving productivity and accountability.  The allGeo platform hosts a suite of turnkey apps that can be rapidly deployed in a wide range of industries e.g. Scheduling, Time Clock, Tracking & Monitoring, Mileage, Dispatch, Electronic Visit Verification, Lone Worker Safety, and Field Inspection using QR / mobile forms. Visit www.allgeo.com for more information.

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